Hotel Industry: How to create email marketing campaigns that convert

To talk about hotels and trips is to talk about about user experience. But where does this user experience begin? Does it begin when the clients arrive at the hotel, or when they slide down a snowy mountain in a ski resort, or when they walk with their partner through the city visiting historical monuments, or perhaps when they enjoy a sunset in the infinity pool of a Caribbean hotel? Where does this experience really begin?

Most of the time, user experience begins at a touching moment, with several family members, each with their mobile device or PC, looking for their next vacation or dream trip.


According to Trivago, in Spain this happens only about 35 days before entering the hotel. That is, we have a window of 35 days, of expectation, from the reservation until the stay in the hotel, which is an average of 4 days, of reality, and then a universe of 325 days, of memories, in which the users remember their latest moments and plan for the new ones.


But it turns out that most hotels and companies in the travel sector are focused on offering personalized experiences, only when customers are at the hotel. And the rest of the year they just send promotional emails with some discount or occasional offer, where all the emails look the same. There is hardly no difference between brands and the user ends up deciding only on price. This doesn't do the brands any favors.

In fact, 270 billion emails are sent worldwide every day, which means we receive between 35-70 emails every day. It is clear that if we do not stand out in some way, we will be just another mail in the people's inboxes. Many of them will not even open it. Others will not pay attention, and a few will click and buy the product on promotion.

And what can we do to change this? Let's look at the numbers:


  • There are over 4.5 billion email accounts worldwide, more than twice as many as Facebook or Instagram users.
  • And the video achieves a click-through rate (CTR) of up to 60% more than other formats.
  • 80% of Internet traffic is already from videos.
  • Visual data is processed by the brain up to 60.000 times faster than text.
  • We remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read and 95% of what we see.
  • Emails with personalized videos triple the conversions.

And what is the explanation for these good conversion metrics with personalized videos in emails? If we look at how the human brain works, we know that it is divided into three parts, the reptilian brain, the limbic system and the neocortex. The reptilian brain is responsible for basic vital functions such as controlling hunger and breathing, and is very fast. The limbic system is also fast and is responsible for emotions, memory and habits. And the neocortex, also called the rational brain, is the part of language, consciousness, reason.

advanced statistics

What happens when we buy something, is that if we have time we analyze every detail and give our brain time to wake the rational part. Here the emotions are in the background and the characteristics of the product outweigh the emotional part. But what happens when we receive a personalized video within an email? It activates our limbic brain, the emotional one, because it is an innovative format, because you do not expect it in your email, because it is touches your heart with the emotional part of the video and does not give you time to analyze it rationally. Then you click! And buy. Then, if the rational brain wakes up and thinks it wasn't a good purchase, it will justify it in some way. "Well, it's a good price, we deserve it, it's been a long time since we treated ourselves..."

Instant personalized video

And how is this done? We need technology that allows videos to be embedded and played in emails, and that these videos can be customized based on data stored by users.

We also need to be able to track the results of the campaigns, and all this can be done with Viewed technology. And speaking of tracking, compared to a traditional email marketing campaign, Viewed generates over 800% increase in CTR, 95% more time spent on the advertiser's website, and a conversion rate of up to 227% more than with traditional emails.

But if there is a metric that I would like to highlight, it is that in the travel sector, Viewed is getting at least a 10x ROI.