How to get more conversions with embedded videos in email

Why send an embedded videos in email? This is an excellent question and the answer is because email marketing has a reputation for being one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies in existence. Part of that is attributable to its low cost basis; you can get started with an email marketing strategy with almost no money, and email thousands of people relatively inexpensively.

That said, you’re not guaranteed to achieve a high return on investment (ROI), nor are you guaranteed to get any engagement from the people you’re emailing. If you want your strategy to be successful, you need to have a solid plan to get more conversions from your email recipients.

So how can you do it?

Defining Conversions in Email Marketing

A “conversion” is simply a user completing a defined goal after receiving your email. Depending on your business or your intentions, that could mean visiting your website, replying, filling out a form, or even simply watching a video in full.

In any case, a conversion is the next step toward turning your email recipient into a paying customer, or the next step toward getting your existing customer to re-engage with your brand. Accordingly, it’s the single most important metric for evaluating the success of your email marketing campaign.

How can we get more of them?

Strategies for Increasing Email Conversion Rates with embedded videos in email.

These are some of the best and most important strategies for getting more conversions from your email marketing campaign:

1. Better understand your target audience

Many email marketing campaigns fail out of the gates simply because their creators didn’t have a target audience in mind, or didn’t write for their specific target audience. It’s tempting to appeal to the broadest possible audience with your content, but in practice, it’s much better to focus on one specific niche. Do your market research, define your target customers with detailed customer personas, and give them the content they most want to see.

2. Segment your lists

We’re going to assume you already have a massive list of customers, prospects, and leads that you’re using for your email campaign. Do you send all your emails to all these customers? If so, you’re doing something wrong. It’s much better to segment your list and send different emails to different segments. For example, you might send special offers only to customers who have bought from your brand in the past – or send a discount code only to the newest members of your list.

3. Make the offer more relevantand valuable

If you want more people to accept your offer, the offer needs to be more relevant to their wants and needs. This tip is ambiguous for a reason; what’s “relevant” can vary wildly from person to person. For example, some segment of your target audience may be in the information-gathering phase of the buying cycle, so they’d be more interested in reading a detailed whitepaper than actually purchasing a product.

You can also win more conversions by making the offer more valuable. Are you requesting personal information from your recipients? Give them something in return, like free content. Are you selling something? Offer a discount or an additional freebie.

4. Embedding and customizing videos

One of the best ways to increase your email marketing conversion rate is with the help of embedded videos. Video content is shown to be much more engaging to prospects, and it allows you to fit both visual content and detailed information into one concise package. You can even personalize your embedded videos to make them more engaging for your target audience.

While we’re on the subject, try to personalize elements of your email in any way you can. Even if you’re simply addressing the person by their first name in the header of your email, you’ll get higher engagement rates – and ultimately, more conversions.


5. Keep it concise

Most people are busy, and they don’t have time to read book-length discussions about your brand, your products, or your services. They want to skim your email for a few seconds and move on. Accordingly, you can increase conversions by keeping your content concise; give people everything they need in the smallest possible space, and in the fewest possible words.

6. Nail the subject line

Roughly 35 percent of emails go unread. For marketing emails specifically, that percentage is even higher. And of course, you’re not going to get any conversions if nobody’s opening your emails in the first place. That’s why nailing the subject line is such a high priority; keep it concise, relevant, and unique to maximize your chances of getting opens.

7. Craft assertive, direct CTAs 

Your calls to action (CTAs) will direct people to the conversion opportunity. For example, you can tell your readers to “check out our website for the latest pricing” or “click here to download our eBook.” Your CTAs should be prominent, assertive, and direct – with powerful action words. It’s also helpful to explain the benefits of converting, such as “start saving 20 percent on your energy bills by…”

8. Keep your voice consistent

Your brand voice needs to be consistent across all your marketing channels, including email. If your customers get a consistent vibe from your brand, they’ll become more familiar with you – and more trusting of you, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and greater customer loyalty.        

9. Send multiple emails

You’re probably not going to seal the deal with just one email. Use an automated email drip campaign to send repeated messages to your target audience. Just don’t spam your customers; one or two emails a week is plenty for most brands.

10. Use AB tests to find new angles and techniques

Finally, make sure to experiment with different subject lines, embedded email videos, colors, fonts, and CTAs. AB tests can help you isolate these variables and determine the best approach for maximizing conversions for your brand.

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