Viewed and Doppler: the power of combining email marketing with video

At Viewed we have reinvented the world of email marketing, breathing life into promotional and transactional emails by creating video email marketing campaigns in which the video plays automatically when the recipient opens the email.

This new trend in email marketing is making huge inroads, as more and more companies across different sectors (such as Tourism, Fashion, Automotive, Aviation and Telecommunications, among others) are using video as a means to enhance their email campaigns.

Many customers asked what ESPs were the most recommended for their campaigns, so we joined forces with the most powerful sending systems on the market to ensure that your email marketing campaigns with video are perfect.

In this case we are talking about Doppler, founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Doppler is a company that specializes in email marketing, email campaign planning, creative email production, email distribution, and email campaign tracking and analysis.

As part of this alliance we participated in a webinar in which our Account Director, Aleix Castellar, in collaboration with Nacho Crespo, Doppler's Partnership and Integration Manager, spoke about the potential of combining Email Marketing with video.


The rise of video email marketing

In 2010 there arose the idea of including videos in email marketing campaigns, but this turned out to be impossible because Email Service Providers (ESPs) did not have a technology capable of sending videos spanning the wide diversity of existing formats, resolutions and devices, which, for security reasons, did not allow video tags.

This led companies to send videos as attachments, which hampered the mass sending of emails, due to the memory limits this entailed and the increase in these emails' spam index.

Another option was the use of links, but this increased the number of clicks involved in the purchase process.

Reasons to integrate video into email marketing campaigns

1. Versatility: There are no limits on the videos, which may be included in any type of email marketing campaign. Doppler, in turn, makes possible the creation and delivery of 3 different types of campaigns:

  • Classic campaign: sending of organized messages to one or more contact lists or market segments, using an email template or an HTML for email.
  • Social campaign: video is the kind of content most shared on the social networks, and it is now possible to so via email.
  • A/B Test: this campaign makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of both the content and subject of 2 different versions, whether a classic or a social campaign.

2. Compression: video is a tool that facilitates the understanding of messages, allowing for greater information retention in the minds of users.

3. Attention level: on average a person has an attention span of 6 seconds, so including a video with “autoplay”in an email helps us take full advantage of this period.

4. Impact: the combination of moving images with sound stirs up emotions in the minds of consumers, prompting impulse purchases.

What are the main benefits of integrating video into email marketing?

Before videos were transmitted only through channels like YouTube, or on television, but these media formats are saturated with advertising, reducing viewers' attention levels.

Now, with the integration of video into email marketing campaigns, all companies can share their videos with their target audiences, thereby ensuring a higher level of attention amongst recipients, which results in many benefits:

  • Increases in Click Through Rates, up to 173%, thereby improving branding and engagement.
  • It generates long-term bonds, keeping your brand fresh in the minds of your clients, for whom video is an easy-to-understand tool.
  • Thanks to the integration of the public's favorite kind of content, video, into the channel most used throughout the day, email, it is possible to boost sales by up to 40%.
  • Save time and money thanks to the process automation that the Viewed platform and Doppler sending system offer.
  • Improves the user's shopping experience, reducing the number of clicks by allowing your recipient to view the video directly in the email.
  • Improves brand image, generating greater confidence, credibility and visibility.


How can email marketing campaigns be improved with Viewed and Doppler?

  1. It is important to have a clear goal for the campaign when the video email is designed, in order to select the right template.
  2. Use short "Subjects."
  3. Adapt your emails to mobile devices, creating a responsive video email campaign from the Viewed platform.
  4. Include supporting text to help keep your e-mail out of Spam boxes. With Doppler's new WYSIWYG text editor you can see the end result of a document when drafting it.
  5. Set up the video's audio track depending on the date and time sent, as you could bother users if you send them a video email with sound during business hours.
  6. Use short "Subjects."
  7. Include buttons to share content on social networks.
  8. Take advantage of the new campaign forwarding system Doppler has developed to automatically forward the message to recipients who did not open a prior email.

Finally, how are videos embedded in an email marketing campaign with Doppler?


To embed a video in an email you don't need to be an expert in HTML. You only need to log on to Viewed.video and follow these easy steps:

  1. Upload your video from your computer or from a YouTube url.
  2. Create the campaign by entering its name, your name, number of people you wish to reach, and the pixel width in which you want the video to be displayed.
  3. Insert your HTML template.
  4. Download the email, now enriched with video.
  5. Log on to Doppler.
  6. Select the type of campaign and fill out the Name and Subject fields.
  7. Paste the HTML video email template downloaded from the Viwom platform.
  8. Choose the recipient.
  9. Send!

For more information see our video tutorial on "How to create an email marketing with video using Doppler and Viewed"