Viewed and SendGrid: a new concept in email marketing

As you know, Viewed is the only platform currently able to combine email's extensive reach with video's powerful impact, as we have developed a smart technology that creates email marketing campaigns featuring embedded videos that play automatically when the recipient opens his email.

This important combination has attracted top international companies across different sectors (like Tourism, Fashion, Communications, Aviation and Automotive), using Viewed to increase their CTR (Click Through Rates) by up to 173%.

In addition, with our digital platform you don't need to invest much time or be an expert in HTML, as we offer templates, partners’ databases, responsive designs, and more.

We have now combined our technology with the best and most powerful delivery systems on the market to offer our clients the quality they deserve.

In this case we are talking about SendGrid, based in Boulder, Colorado, founded in 2009 by Isaac Saldaña, José López and Tim Jenkins. This email sending platform features a “Cloud” infrastructure that makes it possible for major international companies (like Pandora, Airbnb, Spotify, Uber, HubSpot and FourSquare) to send more than 30 billion emails per month. In January it was named the fourth Utility Tool of the Year, as an affordable, high-capacity email delivery option with a simple API and an email marketing platform for non-developers.


Why create an email marketing campaign with video?

By creating an email marketing campaign video combining Viewed's unique technology with SendGrid's sending power, benefits are multiplied.

  • With Viewed you will have a private user panel where you can manage and access all the data related to your campaign, while SendGrid will help you manage your mailing lists with its intuitive email marketing tools.
  • Add social media to your video email so that your recipients can share your video on their social network profiles, taking you viral!
  • Save time with Viwom's automated platform, which lets you upload your video directly from YouTube, further benefitting from the impressive email processing speed SendGrid offers.
  • Increase your ROI by up to 50%.
  • Make your transactional emails unique by adding video to them. SendGrid is an expert in transactional emails. If you haven't used them yet, check out this link

What makes email marketing different when Viewed technology is combined with SendGrid technology?


1. Email video:

The sending of videos via e-mail used to be limited by the security restrictions of the different email clients and the different types of devices used. Thanks to Viewed's unique technology, however, this is no longer a problem, because when a video is placed on our digital platform, more than 20 different video formats and resolutions are created, including a high-quality GIF video.

2. Smart technology:
Until recently sending emails with video was limited by the number of different video resolutions and devices. Viewed, however, has overcome this obstacle by developing smart technology that delivers the ideal video format to each recipient, in accordance with the type of email client, operating system and device.

3. Reach:
Massive campaigns with more than 20 billion emails are no longer a problem, as Viewed's auto scalable servers, in conjunction with SendGrid's “Cloud” infrastructure, allow our users to carry out campaigns with unlimited messages.

4. User experience:
Another equally important point is caring for the relationship with our clients by providing them with tools that improve the user experience.
SendGrid boasts a comprehensive support system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while at Viwom we have created a dynamic tutorial that shows users, in a clear and fast way, how to use both technologies.

5. All-in-One
The SendGrid platform allows you to manage recipients, promotion, contents and email tests from the same point.


How does one create an email marketing campaign using Viewed and SendGrid?


Now you can easily combine the power of both technologies to create a successful email marketing campaign by just following these simple steps:

  1. Create or login at your viewed.video account.
  2. Upload your video file and let our platform work its magic.
  3. Create your first video email campaign in just a couple of minutes by filling out the fields indicated.
  4. Indicate video pixel width.
  5. Our platform will create a code that you will paste into your HTML template.
  6. Load your HTML template onto our platform, and download it, ready to send.
  7. Use SendGrid to create a campaign by filling out the fields you are asked to.
  8. Copy the HTML document you downloaded from the Viwom platform.
  9. Set up your list of recipients.
  10. Finally, program the sending.

For more information see our video tutorial: How to create email marketing with video using SendGrid and Viewed.