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ow to add animated GIFs in email

How to add animated GIFs in email?

Email is the most used marketing channel, but innovating in it can be difficult due to privacy policies and compatibility issues that limit the type of content that...
Email marketing: The power of persuasion

Email marketing: The power of persuasion

Due to its fast and easy nature, email marketing is a strategy that gives the impression that it does not have a strong power of influence. On the contrary, email is a...

valentines-day-marketing -ideas

Valentine's day marketing ideas

Love is in the air 🎶.... When the smell of love and romance is in the air, it can only mean one thing: Valentine's Day is near.

Digital marketing trends

7 Digital marketing trends for 2023

If you are always looking ahead, towards what will come next, towards the evolution of everything, you are like us and this article is for you. Digital marketing is a...

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