Personalized Video: The Tool That the Real Estate Industry Needs

Real estate agents and agencies are constantly working to get the edge on their competition, reach more people, and close more sales. Learning more about your craft, networking, and building better relationships with your clients can all help, but you'll also need to reassess and improve your marketing capabilities if you want to be successful.

The real estate industry has long depended on marketing strategies like mailed postcards, traditional advertising, and social media marketing, but there's a new approach that's helping the industry do more than ever: using personalized video to help buyers make up their minds.

How does personalized video work and why is it so effective for real estate agents?

Why Video?

You can pursue marketing and advertising with a variety of different formats, including written content, static visuals, and even audio streams. So why is video so much more effective than these other mediums?

  •       Total usage. For a variety of reasons, video consumption has risen to an all-time high – and it just keeps climbing higher. This year, it’s expected that 82 percent of global internet traffic will be related to watching or downloading videos. There are billions of people using video as their preferred content consumption medium, and the number of people who prefer written content and static visual content is shrinking.
  •       Show properties in new dimensions. Video allows you to showcase properties in ways that you can't accomplish with photos alone. These days, real estate agents have access to a range of different tools to help them show off different properties in different lights, including interactive slideshows and virtual tours. But with the help of a video, you can explore the property virtually on behalf of your target audience and show off what makes it unique. It's a convenient and accessible way to display the property in three dimensions and persuade your prospective buyers.
  •       Save time. Video is much faster than other forms of content, thanks in part to its ability to convey information in multiple different ways. As a simple example, you can showcase the interior of a property with visuals while using a vocal narrative to illustrate its best highlights. Because of this, you can pack tons of information into a video that's only a few minutes long, sparing your audience from having to read thousands of words of content.
  •       Distinguish yourself. There aren't many real estate agents or agencies using video, much less personalized video, to reach their target audiences. Simply embedding more personalized video into your emails can immediately distinguish your brand and help you stand out in an over-saturated market.
  •       Capitalize on multiple forms of content. We tend to think of video as a visual content medium, which it is, but it also incorporates elements of other content mediums. In addition to providing direct visuals to viewers, many videos also include an audio stream and onscreen text to further convey their most important points.

The Power of Personalization

Videos become even more powerful when they become personalized. With the help of the right tech tools, it becomes trivially easy to personalize videos for the individual receiving them, customizing not only the name attached to the video, but also the content within.

  •       Create a personal connection. Personalized videos create and more personal connection. When you receive a piece of marketing collateral in the mail that isn't personalized (e.g., it’s addressed to “CURRENT RESIDENT), you know it's not relevant to you. Mass marketed content can be effective in some ways and in some contexts. If you want to create an actual connection with your customers, you need to make it clear that your content is intended just for them.
  •       Enjoy higher engagement rates. People tend to have higher engagement rates with content that's personalized. Showing someone a property that isn't relevant to them may capture their attention for a handful of seconds, but it's certainly not going to leave a lasting impression. If you show people a property in a video that is tailored specifically for them, you're going to pay much more attention and remember the video for longer.
  •       Generate more leads. Personalized videos have the potential to generate far more leads than most other marketing mediums. If you don't believe it, try it for yourself!

Personalized Video in Emails

One of the best ways to utilize personalized video is by embedding those videos in email. Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available, in part because of how easy and inexpensive it is to get started. You can send emails to thousands of relevant people for pennies on the dollar, and thanks to better video embedding tools, it's easier than ever to send emails with fully embedded videos.

Best of all, you can use this strategy for a wide variety of real estate applications, such as:

  •       Selling properties. Highlight the features that make this property great and show it to the people most likely to be interested in purchasing it. In a matter of days, you'll drum up significantly more interest.
  •       Acting as a buying agent. If you're acting on the buying side, you can also use personalized video to help convince your clients to move forward with a property that's a perfect fit for them.
  •       Training and educating agents in a firm. If you want your real estate agency to be successful, you need your agents to be knowledgeable and educated. Personalized video could be the dynamic training tool you need to accomplish this.
  •       Construction applications. You can also use embedded personalized videos in the construction world, showing off your model home or demonstrating your recent build progress.

Are you interested in taking your real estate business to the next level? Are you looking to get more leads, more engagement, and more conversions? Personalized videos in your email campaigns are the ultimate solution. Sign up for Viewed.video for free today to get started!

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