Embed video in email: Important tips for lead generation campaigns

Embedded videos in email can be a powerful way to boost your lead generation strategy. With the right focus for your lead generation strategy and plenty of support from your email content, you'll have the potential to multiply the number of leads you generate while increasing the quality of those leads.

So how can you improve your email lead generation strategy using embedded videos?

Get the Right List

We'll start with some bad news: an embedded video is not going to be enough to revolutionize your lead generation strategy. If you have a low quality or inorganic list in place, even the best embedded videos are not going to help you. That's why your first responsibility is to secure the best list you can. The best way to do this is to collect information organically. Use premium content, social media contests, and other forms of online engagement to reach people who might be interested in your brand and collect their email addresses. It's generally recommended that you do not buy an email list.

Perfect Your Embedded Videos

If embedded videos are going to improve your lead generation strategy, they need to be a major focal point of your new strategy. Only the best quality videos are going to make an impact on your audience.

  •       Use the right tools. Creating videos is easy with the right tools, and distributing them is even easier. Try out a variety of different video customization tools and email embedding tools. The right solution should save you time and improve your finished product without costing you a fortune.
  •       Include a human being. If possible, include a human being in your video. It's easy and inexpensive to create videos that are purely made of text and simple graphics, but you'll make a much more personal connection if you have a person speaking throughout the video. It's also a great way to improve your brand consumer relationships.
  •       Keep your content short. Videos are popular in part because they offer a concise way to consume information, but that advantage disappears if your video is too long. Instead, strive to keep your content as short as possible, preferably keeping the video to under 60 seconds.
  •       Personalize what you can. Mass marketed emails simply don't have the impact they used to. Consumers have grown accustomed to these widespread campaigns and have begun to tune them out. If you want to stand out and earn a higher ROI, you need to personalize at least some details of your video and email.
  •       Pack in the information. Videos are also popular because they have the potential to showcase tons of information in a limited amount of space and time. Take advantage of this. Pack in the information with numbers, charts, and interactive visuals.

Master the Subject Line

No email marketing strategy can work without a good subject line. No matter how good your embedded video is, people aren't going to see it unless they're first interested enough to open the email. Good subject lines are concise, relevant to your target audience, and intriguing. They are also unique, so don't try to blindly copy an effective subject line you've seen in the past.

Keep Concise Body Copy

Even if your video is amazing, it shouldn't be the only piece of content in your email. You should also have somebody design it to inform, entertain, or persuade your audience. A couple of supplementary paragraphs explaining the details of your product or a separate welcome message could be exactly what it takes to strengthen the bond with your audience.

Send Follow-Ups

Oftentimes, one email isn't enough to win over a prospect. You shouldn't give up just because your first email didn't manage to convert your recipient. Instead, enroll that recipient in an ongoing email drip campaign so they can receive many messages from you in the future. Change up the content so you provide them with different experiences throughout this campaign; as their familiarity with your brand increases, you'll have more chances to convert them later.

Craft Strong CTAs (and Test Them)

In your video and in the body of your email, it's important to have strong calls to action (CTAs). CTAs are designed to encourage your audience to take some specific action that benefits your brand, such as following your brand on social media, visiting your website, buying a product, or just filling out a form. Whatever your end goal is, you should make it seem as valuable as possible to your recipient and incentivize the action with something rewarding.

Employ Automation

Automation has the power to dramatically reduce the number of hours you spend managing an email campaign. With a bit of proactive research and initial planning, you can plan and execute a campaign capable of reaching millions of people with minimal further input. You can design your campaigns that continue sending messages to your audience without manual input. Ultimately, that means more consistency in your email marketing and far fewer costs.

Integrate Other Platforms and Mediums

Email marketing is at its most powerful when it's integrated with other mediums and platforms. Consider integrating it with your other marketing campaigns, such as your social media marketing campaign or your onsite content marketing. You'll be able to reach the same audience members in new ways and in different directions, and you'll increase interest in your brand across a variety of mediums.

Measure and Analyze Your Results

Make sure you spend time measuring and analyzing your results as well. Only by looking at the numbers will you be able to tell whether your campaign is a success and what your ROI actually is. It's also a great chance for experimentation; you can try different types of embedded videos in your email and see if you generate more leads as a result. In fact, ongoing experimentation and analysis is how most successful brands build such powerful lead generation engines.

You don’t have to be a video expert or an email marketing expert to start embedding videos in emails for your lead generation strategy. You just have to use a tool that’s intuitive and accessible to newcomers – and we have one. Sign up for a free account today to get started!