The Marketing Strategies that Have Fueled the Success of OnlyFans

Whether you admit it publicly or not, you’ve at least heard of OnlyFans. It’s a relatively new, interactive social platform designed to connect audiences with creators in unique, dynamic ways.

But do you know what’s responsible for the explosion of the OnlyFans as a successful platform, and what OnlyFans creators do to popularize their own channels?

The Basics Behind OnlyFans

Originally launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a social media platform that enables creators to live-stream video content and engage with viewers in a variety of ways. Though not explicitly defined as a sexual or pornographic platform, OnlyFans has a reputation for supporting sex workers and salacious content – in part because most other live platforms strictly forbid it.

Beyond sexual content, many celebrities have found value in the platform for promotion of themselves and their upcoming work.

OnlyFans creators have practically unlimited freedom with regard to when and how they stream. Viewers can discover new channels and choose to subscribe for a monthly rate of $4.99 to $49.99, depending on the level of subscription they choose.

Different tiers of subscription confer varying benefits, such as access to exclusive content. On top of that, users can pay to “tip” a content creator or donate extra for private messages.

Some users report earning six figures (or more) every year through the platform, though this applies only to the handful of top creators. Most see only a trickle of income, presumably because they don’t know how to tap into the full potential of OnlyFans or have limited appeal altogether.

Why OnlyFans Is Successful

Why is this platform so successful? There are several possible explanations, and all of them might play at least a partial role in accounting for OnlyFans’s popularity:

  •       The dawn of the parasocial relationship. First, we live in an era that is increasingly disconnected. We spend most of our time online, we interact with people in public less often, and many may feel isolated. At the same time, celebrity worship and celebrity culture continues to expand. These factors have led to the emergence of the “parasocial” relationship, in which many people connect with one individual (that is, a celebrity or content creator), but that individual isn’t particularly connected to any of the followers at a personal level in return. OnlyFans is custom-made to support parasocial relationships.
  •       The COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged OnlyFans to explode in popularity, for several reasons. To begin with, strippers, sex workers, and people in related professions were largely thrown out of a job during lockdown; OnlyFans was their only realistic alternative. Also, given surplus free time and feelings of isolation, people were driven to experiment with new forms of interaction and engagement, which caused them to flock to platforms like OnlyFans.
  •       Sheer accessibility. It also helped that OnlyFans is designed as a highly accessible platform. As a viewer, you can start using it for free and subscribe to certain channels for a minimal investment. From there, you can begin to interact with your favorite creators directly. From the creator’s side, it’s remarkably easy to launch a new channel – and you can interact with your fans and viewers however you wish (with some limited exceptions).
  •       Revenue potential. Many creators flooded to OnlyFans when they heard about the multi-millionaires who made their fortune using the platform. Getting rich on OnlyFans is the exception, though, not the norm; but that hasn’t stopped people from becoming enamored of the idea of using the platform for gain.

How to Create a Successful Channel on OnlyFans

If you’re interested in starting an OnlyFans channel, what steps could you take to make it successful?

  •       Don’t quit your day job (yet). First, remember that most people aren’t successful on OnlyFans. It’s only the most dedicated and most popular people that earn a high income. So you shouldn’t quit your day job. Instead, you should treat this as a fun side project or hobby; you can make a little extra money this way and have some fun, but it’s probably not going to result in a full-time income (at least not right away).
  •       Do something unique. To the extent you can, try to do something unique. You’re going to be much more successful if you appeal to a niche target audience that no other creator is currently serving. If you try to copy someone else’s approach or only attempt to reach a broad, generic audience, you’re not likely to achieve the same impact.
  •       Be active and consistent. People subscribe to channels when they know they’ll enjoy a steady stream of content. Accordingly, it’s essential to be active and consistent about producing content for your fans. Make an effort to stream every day, or nearly every day, and stick to the same hours when you do it.
  •       Engage with users directly. Make people feel special by engaging with them directly, especially when they upload comments in chat. This will motivate them to engage with you more often and show how committed you are to your fans.
  •       Be mindful of your privacy. Though this tip probably won’t help you generate more revenue, it could ensure you stay safe: Stay mindful of your privacy. Most people on this platform will respect your privacy and keep their distance, but nefarious or maladjusted participants may attempt to track you down in real life or harm you in some way. Take care not to reveal personal details about yourself to the general public.

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