What AI Video Platforms Do You Use for Marketing?

With an estimated growth projection of 411 million USD, usage of AI video platforms is here to stay. AI video platforms have various functions, including their ability for human decision-making and thinking imitation. 

For businesses seeking further growth, AI technology and its algorithms make the best marketing tools and aid marketing campaigns. This article explores various AI video platforms businesses can use for marketing. 


Overview of AI Video Platforms

Almost all companies use AI marketing tools for business, brand promotion, and AI infographics. AI video platforms harness AI tech to help make automated decisions based on collected data; they analyze and interpret market trends, which find their way into marketing strategies.

Video platforms help create personalized content for customers. For example, a sports clothing company can produce these AI-generated videos based on the data they have on customers' style preferences.

AI video generation platforms also create content with narration, images, and texts, which help customizable branding, social sharing, and video marketing campaigns. These platforms also come with varied templates, and AI provides the scripts, social media scheduling, and content creation - all backed up with data on best practices and market trends.

Advantages of Using AI Video Platforms for Marketing

There are many benefits of using AI video platforms for marketing. Below, we detail them to help you make sound decisions for improving your marketing campaigns, generating great results, and executing proper marketing management.


You can save much time and effort through video production automation. AI creates your marketing content for you, including visual ad design changes and high-quality scripts.

Most AI-created videos look polished and professional. You can vary this automated content for your explainer videos, product demos, and other promotional videos.

Additionally, AI also automates video captions and summaries. AI can also transform blog posts into videos.

Personalized Content

Hyper-personalized marketing can happen through AI-powered video creation. For example, rephrase.ai, an AI video platform, has already created more than 250,000 videos that they personalized for every viewer.

Other personalization uses of AI include creating highlight reels of your brand, customizable pre-built templates, and avatars. AI can also analyze your marketing and sales strategies to create personalized videos for specific customers.

AI also offers video game affiliate programs that can serve your company’s needs for customization.


Despite the initial investment you might incur when buying your AI video tools, in the long run, you will have cost savings. For one, instead of paying many staff members to do manual video work, AI will do that for you in place of an entire team.

That way, your central employees can perform other critical tasks for your campaign. AI also minimizes human error.

Popular AI Video Platforms for Marketing

If you have a business looking to use AI video platforms, you can start with our list of some of the most popular ones ad how you can use each for marketing purposes.


One of the popular AI platforms is Wibbitz. However, it only works for SaaS and the web.

Wibbitz creates videos for various creator types, whether freelancers, entrepreneurs, or leading brands. They have constant online support, an API offering, and a free trial if you wish to test it first.

Wibbitz also provides training through documentation, webinars, or a live demo.


Magisto, which is now part of Vimeo, is another renowned AI video platform that offers an array of manual features and can autogenerate animated videos for its users. 

The mobile app of Magisto provides a good user experience. Unlike Wibbitz, Magisto also works on Android, iPad, and iPhone devices.

Magisto also primarily serves marketing agencies and professionals, especially those seeking process simplification. Unfortunately, Magisto does not come with any free version or trial.


A preferred video platform among digital marketers is Animoto. Internal teams can create animation and video sequences with ease without the need to hire expensive video editors.

Animoto allows its users to edit videos and images themselves. They also offer excellent tutorials and support.

Animoto allows easy video creation with the addition of personal sounds and videos. You can also choose different layouts for combining video clips, texts, and images.

Choosing the Right AI Video Platform for Your Marketing Needs

Because of the number of AI video platforms around, finding which one suits your business, best might be tricky. Consider the factors below before deciding which platform to use.

Target Audience

You can look for AI platforms that launch ads based on your target audience. These platforms also integrate with other social media ones like Instagram and Facebook, simplifying the management of your ad marketing.

Other AI video platforms can attract your audience through tech that imitates natural-looking lip moves and various human avatars. 

Marketing Goals

Your choice of platforms should also align with your marketing goals. It would help if you were clear about your target audiences and revenues and set out to use a platform to meet your targets. 

It would help if you also considered other goals for AI video generation. Do you aspire to fasten your buying cycles, create practical product demonstrations, or showcase educational content? Your goals will help determine your choice of an AI video generator.

Marketing Budget

You should also check the prices of available AI video platforms and choose one that matches your current budget. Some versions have free trials, but some do not offer these options.

Typically, the more features a platform has, the higher its price. Note that investing in these platforms can lead to a good return on your investments, so weigh your decision carefully vis-a-vis the money you're willing to spend and how it helps you reach your marketing goals.

Wrapping Up

AI video platforms are a must-have to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace. Whether you want manual features, direct editing, or autogenerated content, there is an AI video platform.


Take note of the primary benefits that these tools offer:

  • Automated and personalized content
  • Cost-effective measures
  • Variety of features and tools 
  • Management of marketing budget and goals
  • Proper targeting of audiences

Your choice of the appropriate platform will also depend on your company’s goals. A thorough review of your needs vis-a-vis a platform’s features will increase your chances of achieving outstanding marketing results.