Why Personalized Videos Increase Customer Loyalty

Most companies are in the business of securing as much customer loyalty as possible. If more of your customers are loyal and more willing to spend money with your business, you should have no trouble continuing to grow.

One the most straightforward ways to boost customer loyalty is to simply do a great job, offering stellar products and services. But even the best products and services aren't going to keep every customer loyal. That's why it's important to use secondary strategies like personalized videos.

Why are personalized videos so effective at increasing customer loyalty and what's the best way to use them?

The Value of Customer Loyalty

Let's start by studying why customer loyalty is so valuable in the first place.

  •       Recurring revenue and higher spend. Loyal customers are more likely to shop with your business in the future. They're going to place more orders and will likely buy more from you in each order they place. It's not hard to see why businesses with loyal customershave such higher recurring revenue.
  •       Recommendations, referrals, and brand evangelism. If your customers are truly invested in your brand, they're going to be much more likely to recommend your brand to other customers and give you referrals on a silver platter. Your most loyal customers could even become brand evangelists, going out of their way to promote your business just because they like it.
  •       Defense against the competition. In some ways, loyal customers are also the best defensive strategy against the competition. Committed customers are going to be much less likely to abandon your brand, even in the face of lower prices or similar incentives.

How Personalized Videos Improve Customer Loyalty

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Why do personalized videos have such a dramatic impact on customer loyalty?

  •       Building a personal relationship. People don't form relationships with brands. They form relationships with people. Personalizing your video is a way of positioning your brand as an individual reaching out to another individual, rather than being a faceless company reaching out to millions of people simultaneously. With this illusion in place, you'll have a much higher likelihood of building effective personal relationships with each of your clients and prospects.
  •       Rewards and recognition. Personalized videos are also a great way to reward and recognize your best customers. You can point out how many of your products they've bought or how they've interacted with your product in the past year. You could even compliment them for achieving something great with your product, such as increasing their sales or growing their follower count.
  •       Incentives for referrals. When a person feels personally recognized and appreciated, they are more likely to do you favors. This makes personalized videos a great opportunity toask your existing clients for referrals.
  •       Opportunities for feedback. Similarly, this is a great way to ask for feedback. You're making a personal appeal to somebody, and if they recognize that, they're going to be much more likely to share their honest opinion with you. You'll gather much more information that you can use to continuously improve your products and iron out any inefficiencies in your business.
  •       Unique and memorable experiences. For many people, a personalized video is a memorable and unique experience. Despite the accessibility of personalization technology, personalized messaging remains rare in marketing and advertising. People will be much more likely to remember your brand and value it if you give them an experience that's unique.
  •       Competitive differentiation. In line with this, personalizing your videos is a great way to differentiate your brand from the competition. If you're the only company in the industry personalizing videos, you're going to stand out easily.
  •       Potential for automation and scaling. While personalization implies you'll spend more effort per person, the reality is personalized videos are easy to automate and scale, especially if you're embedding them in your drip email campaign. You can reach thousands, or even millions of people, using the same systems and strategies you did when you only had a few dozen clients.

Important Tips for Maximizing the Value of Personalized Videos

Use these strategies and tips to maximize the value of the personalized videos you create for your business.

  •       Use personalized videos in email.Email is one of the best vehicles for personalized videos, and for a variety of reasons. Email is one of the cheapest marketing strategies available, yet it has one of the highest engagement rates and one of the highest ROI's. It's also easy to automate your emails and track your results. Feel free to use personalized videos and other mediums, but make sure email is an integral part of your strategy.
  •       Include a person in the video. People are much more likely to respond emotionally to a video that includes a real person. It could be your CEO, a sales representative, or even one of your existing clients. As long as you have an expressive face making comments or telling the story, you're going to see a much higher engagement rate.
  •       Have personalized touchpoints throughout the video. One of the most common ways to personalize a video is to include a personalized greeting. You can include the person’s name in the first few seconds to “hook” them. But you'll need to include personalization details throughout the video if you want to make a stronger impression.
  •       Add a convincing CTA. Finally, make sure you add a persuasive call to action (CTA). Strong action words and a compelling incentive to click will motivate your recipients to visit your website or take some other meaningful action that benefits your brand.

Embedding personalized videos in your emails may seem like a monumental task if you're not familiar with how to do it. But with the right tools, it's a snap. That's why we created one of the best tools on the market for creating and embedding videos in your marketing emails:sign up for free to try it today!