Email marketing tips to increase insurance sales

Selling insurance can be a tough gig, especially if you don't know that much about your target audience or if you only have one channel through which you achieve insurance sales. One of the best channels to get more insurance sales is email – but many insurance agents and insurance companies underestimate just how powerful email marketing can be.

Utilizing the power of customized videos in your email marketing can make your email campaigns even stronger. But why is this the case, and what can insurance agents do to increase sales through email?

Email Marketing in the Insurance Industry

Email marketing is a good fit for the insurance industry, for a variety of reasons. First, it has almost unlimited potential. Because most people in the world use email on a regular basis, you have an opportunity to reach most people. Email marketing is also inexpensive and easy to set up, so even people without much marketing experience can get involved. And it has a tremendously high return on investment (ROI), giving you the opportunity to make far more money than you spend on it.

Email marketing is also flexible for insurance agents, since you can send many different types of emails to your prospects and customers.

  •       Prospecting emails. Initially, you might send out emails to inform people about your offers, educate them about the importance of insurance, or present them with a compelling deal. Whether you're sending out cold emails to new prospects or you’re referring to a warm lead pool, you can generate momentum this way.
  •       Informative emails. You can also keep your prospect pool and your customer base informed with new educational emails about how insurance works. This is also a great way to build your reputation and customer trust.
  •       Follow-up emails. Do customer miss a payment or has a prospect failed to interact with your brand since you first started emailing them? Send a follow-up email! Follow-ups are quick and inexpensive, but they can be very powerful.
  •       Welcome emails. Are you bringing someone into your company for the first time? It's the perfect time to send a welcome email with all the onboarding information they need.
  •       Event and news emails. You can also send out newsletters, information about upcoming events, and other collections of information for your customers to keep them loyal and interested in your brand.

Why Customized Video in Email?

What is it about customized video that is so powerful for insurance companies?

For starters, there are many advantages inherent in the video format. Video marketing is becoming more popular, gradually eclipsing written content, because video is easier to digest, it affords you more flexibility, and tends to be more memorable. If you customize the videos you send to your audience, you can see even more advantages:

  •       Hyper-personalization. You can personalize videos in many different ways. The simplest technique that most brands use to start is customizing the name in the video for the recipient receiving the video, but you can dig much deeper. For example, you can include different images based on previous experiences this recipient has had with your brand in the past. Because of this, you can target people on an individual level when educating them or trying to sell them under new product.
  •       Initial attention. Human attention spans have diminished significantly over the past couple of decades – and they weren’t very impressive to begin with. One of the biggest challenges for insurance agents in the email marketing world is finding a way to grab initial attention. Assuming you can get people to open the email with a compelling subject line, how do you make sure their eyes stay on the body of your message? Video is one of the best assets to help you do this, and customized videos are even better at securing attention.
  •       Relevance and engagement. People tend to find customized videos much more relevant and engaging. They're more likely to watch the full duration of the video and pay attention to the content provided within. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that generic content rarely seems useful or informative.
  •       Trust and confidence. With the right execution, offering customized videos can make customers feel more trusting of your brand and more confident in the services you provide. It's a mark of professionalism and expertise that also shows how much you care about your customers.
  •       Brand differentiation. Brand differentiation is practically a prerequisite if you want to be successful in the insurance industry. Every day, customers all over the country are bombarded with advertisements for low insurance rates and better insurance offers. If you're offering the same products for similar prices, you're going to have a hard time standing out.

Ideas for Customized Video in Email

There’s no single “right” way to create customized videos for your email. In fact, there are many different applications for customized videos, including:

  •       Recipient names. Customizing a video with a recipient's name is low-hanging fruit that can provide some very impressive results.
  •       Insurance expiration date. Why not send customers an email when their insurance policy is about to expire? It serves as an informative reminder and provides them motivation to get started with their insurance shopping as soon as possible.
  •       Previous website interactions. You may also be able to personalize the videos in your email based on previous interactions your customers have had with your brand, including interactions on your website.
  •       Local information or assistance. Consider sending different videos to people based on where they live and the local laws and ordinances that apply to them.
  •       Basic AB testing. Don't forget about AB testing, one of the best ways to experiment with your campaign and objectively measure which tactics are performing best. Customizing videos in different ways and comparing the results can help you grow your campaign significantly in the future.

Is your insurance business ready to see the benefits of utilizing customized video in your email marketing campaign? Once you have an effective tool at your disposal, it’s going to get much easier. Sign up for a free account with Viewed.video today to get started with your new campaign!