AI in Email Marketing: The Success of Predictive Personalization

Let's talk about a combination that is becoming indispensable for marketing professionals, much like Netflix is for rainy Sunday afternoons: artificial intelligence and email marketing. If you thought you had already discovered everything that email marketing had to offer, get ready for an exciting twist.

According to a survey conducted by Capterra, 63% of marketing professionals are already using artificial intelligence tools to enhance their email marketing strategies. This clearly demonstrates that the transformation in the email marketing landscape is in full swing, and artificial intelligence has become the cornerstone of this revolution. But what makes this combination so special, and why is it causing such a buzz in the industry? In this article, I will tell you how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way email marketing experts connect with their audience, focusing on the incredible potential of predictive personalization.


The transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence in email marketing

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on email marketing is so astounding that it could be compared to an unexpected plot twist in a movie that completely changes the game. It's not only revolutionizing email design but also redefining how we connect with our audience. Below, I present to you some of the most innovative applications of artificial intelligence in the field of email marketing.

  1. Content Generation: Certain AI tools have the capability to automatically create compelling subject lines and suggest content for your emails. In fact, it's no surprise that most CRMs and email delivery platforms, like HubSpot and Benchmark, have already incorporated this technology into their platforms. This saves time and ensures your message is engaging at first glance.
  2. Optimization of Timing and Frequency: AI can analyze your subscribers' opening and click patterns to determine when they're most likely to interact with your emails. It also adjusts the sending frequency to prevent subscriber fatigue, thereby ensuring effective communication.
  3. Advanced Analytics: Artificial intelligence can analyze vast amounts of data and provide detailed insights into the performance of your email marketing campaigns. This helps you make more informed decisions and fine-tune your strategies for better results. Advanced
  4. Segmentation: AI can create highly specific and dynamic audience segments. It's no longer just about dividing subscribers into basic groups but adapting segments as behaviors and preferences evolve.
  5. Dynamic Content Creation: AI can automatically personalize email content based on subscriber information, such as their location, purchase history, or preferences. This ensures that each email is relevant and tailored to every recipient.

These applications are changing the way we communicate with our subscribers, enabling deeper and more effective personalization.

How does predictive personalization work in email marketing?

The primary goal of marketing has always been to establish a personal connection with the audience. However, email marketing can prove challenging in this aspect due to its resistance to innovation. While a powerful tool, it sometimes gets stuck in the monotony of the inbox, making communication with consumers more difficult.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the spotlight. Thanks to this combination of innovation and potential, we are witnessing how the desire to establish a connection becomes a tangible and effective reality, even in the realm of email.

Artificial intelligence algorithms work their magic by analyzing patterns present in historical data. What products does a customer tend to purchase after certain searches? When do they typically make a purchase after receiving a promotional email? These algorithms, now incorporated into some Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) like Spotler's, scrutinize a vast amount of data and intricate patterns to predict a customer's future behavior more accurately.

Let's envision a scenario where a visitor explores our website, delving into a wide range of products. Artificial intelligence springs into action, analyzing real-time data based on past information to predict which product they're most likely to be interested in. This valuable insight can be used to create personalized recommendations that are automatically sent via email. This increases the chances that the next message the visitor receives contains information tailored to their preferences, motivating quicker purchasing decisions and reducing the likelihood of returns.

But the story doesn't end here. AI is like an observant friend that's always learning and improving. As more information is gathered and data is accumulated, algorithms fine-tune and enhance their predictions. It's an ongoing evolution that allows staying in sync with ever-changing customer preferences and behaviors.

The success of predictive personalization in email marketing

Now that we've uncovered the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on email marketing and how it's revolutionizing the way we connect with consumers, it's the perfect time to make the most of this innovative combination.

In this recipe for the success of our email marketing strategy, we've already found the ideal channel: email, and we've also identified what we want to communicate: the various product options that AI has determined could be most intriguing to each customer. Now, we only need to define how we'll communicate it—or in simpler terms, the content.

We can use the most impactful subject lines and the most creative text that predictive AI provides us, but if we lack visual elements that truly captivate our subscribers, we risk losing their attention in less than 10 seconds.

Until recently, emails used to be monotonous and emotionless, filled with static images, links, and text. Despite our efforts as marketing professionals, standing out in the crowded inbox was a challenge. Then came animated GIFs, which were undoubtedly more eye-catching than a simple image, but their size and lack of compatibility with some email providers affected the delivery of our campaigns.

Fortunately, today it's possible to include videos in emails and have them play automatically as soon as the recipient opens the message. This innovative solution has the power to grab consumers' attention in just 8 seconds, allowing them to focus on the content. Moreover, it's compatible with 90% of inboxes and devices, boosting click-through rates by up to 200%.

AI-powered personalized videos to elevate your email marketing strategy

Personalized video in email, driven by artificial intelligence, is like a window to a unique and exclusive world for each recipient. It's a sequence of moving images that appear to have been crafted especially for that individual, as they include elements and information collected beforehand.

Thanks to these personalized videos, an incredible 400% increase in conversion rates has been observed. This is because this highly relevant content triggers a deeper emotional connection in recipients, leading them to make purchasing decisions more easily and confidently.

Let's envision an example of these personalized videos. Suppose a customer makes a purchase from our New Year's collection. Alongside a thank-you confirmation for their purchase, we send them an email containing a video showcasing how the dress they bought looks paired with a set of accessories previously selected by the AI based on their past purchases.

Take another scenario. Imagine a user has added products to their shopping cart, but upon viewing the shipping costs, they decide to abandon the process. Instead of receiving the typical reminder email that they can complete their purchase, they receive an email with a personalized video carrying the message: "Hello [user's name]! We've noticed you haven't been able to complete your purchase. We want to inform you that the items you've selected are available for pickup at our nearest store location, with no additional cost. Complete your purchase and pick them up at your convenience!"

The effectiveness of personalized videos in emails lies in their ability to provide a visual and captivating experience.

It's evident that the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and email marketing is far from a passing trend. In fact, this potent alliance is shaping a promising future for how brands communicate with their audiences. As we move forward, we can expect to see a steady stream of innovations and emerging trends that further expand the potential of this combination.

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