Disney 100 Years: A Legacy of Marketing Strategies

Disney is once again showcasing its exceptional ability to evoke emotions and create experiences that go beyond mere marketing. Its centenary celebration is not only a significant event in its history but also succeeds in captivating its audience through nostalgia, emotion, and the magic that only Disney can provide.

100 Years of Marketing Success

Disney has celebrated 100 years of success in the entertainment industry, largely due to its incredible ability to innovate in the field of emotional marketing. Throughout its history, the company has implemented marketing strategies that have left an indelible mark.

From its beginnings, Disney has demonstrated unparalleled ability to create magical experiences that transcend movies and theme parks. Some of the most outstanding strategies include:

  • The impact of merchandising: Disney has showcased its merchandising prowess by turning its characters into highly popular consumer products. From plush toys to clothing and collectibles, Disney characters have become true icons of pop culture.


  • Strategic collaborations: Disney has forged alliances with other renowned brands and franchises, such as the Star Wars and Marvel sagas. These partnerships have expanded its influence and attracted a variety of new and diverse audiences.


  • Parks and events: The brand has placed a strong focus on creating immersive experiences for its followers. Its theme parks are an example of experiential marketing, where visitors immerse themselves in magical worlds and live unforgettable adventures. Meticulous attention to detail and quality of service are crucial to this strategy. In addition, events like "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party" and "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party" offer unique experiences that appeal to visitors of all ages and foster fan loyalty.


  • Focus on content marketing and its contribution to the brand narrative: Disney is a true master in the art of storytelling. The company has created narratives that have resonated with different generations and established deep emotional connections. Creating captivating and relevant content is a fundamental pillar of its marketing strategy.


  • Audience loyalty and retention strategies: Disney has designed membership programs such as the Disney Vacation Club and Disney+ that provide unique benefits to members, thus fostering loyalty. Disney's theme parks offer exclusive experiences that attract visitors time and time again, creating lasting emotional bonds.


  • Staying relevant in the digital age: Disney has demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt to the digital world. The launch of Disney+ as a streaming platform is a clear example of how the company has evolved to reach new audiences.

The Brand Value of Disney Over Its 100 Years

Over a century, Disney has managed to become one of the most iconic and valuable brands in the history of entertainment.

The company has succeeded in creating a brand image that inspires trust and positive emotions in consumers. Customers feel an emotional connection to Disney's characters and stories, influencing their purchasing decisions and making them feel part of the Disney community.

The Disney brand has transcended generations, becoming a true cultural treasure. The company has maintained its commitment to excellence and authenticity, further strengthening its brand value.

The 'Disney magic' is a core concept in the brand. Disney strives to create magical and unforgettable experiences at every touchpoint with consumers, from theme parks to movies and merchandise. This magic becomes a key factor in customer loyalty. Consistently delivering exceptional experiences has built a loyal following that keeps coming back.

Disney's magic also lies in its ability to forge emotional connections. Consumers feel that Disney is part of their life story, from childhood to adulthood. The brand becomes a constant companion in people's lives, further enhancing loyalty and commitment.

Once Upon A Studio: The 100-Year Photography

Disney has brought together its 543 characters from over 85 feature films and short films in a group photograph featured in a short film titled 'Once Upon a Studio.' This short film, released through their Disney+ platform, is not only becoming a viral or trending video, but it is also encapsulating the essence and spirit that has made Disney a beloved brand across different generations.

'Once Upon a Studio' is presented as an animation that evokes a refreshing yet deeply nostalgic sensation, capturing the attention of all ages. From the earliest generations that delighted in the first appearances of the charismatic Mickey Mouse to the most recent generations who have enjoyed the company's latest hits, this short film has managed to captivate everyone.

In this 12-minute short film, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, with the help of Tinker Bell, lead an emotional task: gathering Disney's 543 characters in a group photo that commemorates this special anniversary. Heroes and villains, princes and princesses, sidekicks, and wizards all come together in this iconic image. The choice of characters from all eras of Disney symbolizes the unity and timelessness of the brand, ensuring that all Disney fans feel part of this unique celebration.

One of the most remarkable features of 'Once Upon a Studio' is its ability to convey emotions without the need for dialogue or text. A particularly touching moment in the short film is when Mickey Mouse pauses for a moment to gaze at the portrait of his creator, Walt Disney, as a gesture of gratitude, respect, and tribute. This type of wordless communication is extraordinarily powerful for the human mind, as messages become lasting and positive memories that continue to strengthen the emotional connection between the audience and the brand.

This short film is not only a celebration of Disney's 100 years but also a reminder of why Disney has been so influential and beloved over the decades. Disney's ability to keep the essence of childhood and magic alive in the hearts of its followers is a testament to its success in marketing and its ability to maintain a loyal and passionate audience over time.


In conclusion, Disney has been a powerful force in its ongoing success. The Disney magic, customer loyalty, loyalty and retention strategies, and adaptation to the digital age are fundamental pillars that have allowed Disney to maintain its position as one of the most beloved and successful brands in the world of entertainment.


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