How to Embed a Video to Improve Conversion Rate This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to market to families (and often, to men directly). But if you want to get the most out of your Father’s Day marketing and advertising campaign, it’s important to optimize your emails for conversions.

One of the best ways to do that is to embed dynamic videos into your Father’s Day emails – but how do you do it?

Why Embedded Videos Improve Conversion Rates

Why is it that embedded videos can improve conversion rates in email marketing so much?

There are several factors at play.

  •       Higher engagement. First, videos tend to be much more engaging than rating content. Rather than writing a paragraph trying to persuade an audience, or showcasing a product with a single static image, you can convey all your points with both animated visuals and an immersive voiceover. Videos are easier to comprehend, they tend to be processed faster, and they afford you more flexibility in the content you create.
  •       Brand differentiation. Despite the clear advantages of the medium, there are millions of brands that are behind when it comes to video adoption. Around Father's Day, people are going to be bombarded with marketing messages from all kinds of companies, most of which will be relying on traditional formats like the written word and images to make their points. Being one of the few brands to embed auto-playing videos in their emails is going to make your brand stand out. This can lead to both increased visibility and memorability, ultimately leading more people to your website to buy your products.
  •       Personalization potential. Videos also give you an opportunity to personalize the content of your message. Thanks to modern tools, it's possible to customize videos for an individual, changing not only the text in the video, but also the photos, the voiceover lines, and other variables. If you have sufficient data on your customer base, including their past purchasing habits, their names, and their other interests. You can then use these data points to create much better, more relevant videos.
  •       Calls to action (CTAs). Finally, videos give you multiple opportunities to create calls to action. You can mention your brand and your most important products several times throughout the video and count on higher conversion rates as a result.

How to Embed a Video in an Email

The easiest way to embed a video in an email is with the help of a tool like Viewed.video. The sequence is automated and intuitive, making it accessible to a wide range of people, including those previously unfamiliar with video optimization or email marketing.

You can embed a video in three simple steps:

  1.       Upload the video. First, all you'll need to do is upload the video. It may take some time, but once complete, you can move on to the next step.
  2.       Retrieve the embed code. We'll generate a specific string of code that you can easily copy to your clipboard.
  3.       Paste the code in your HTML email template. With the code copied, you can then paste it into your email’s HTML template, wherever you want it to appear.

After that, you can send the email, and your video will be embedded! It should also automatically play when recipients open the message.

Make sure you test the email before sending out the full blast.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Conversions on Father’s Day

In addition to embedding videos into your Father’s Day emails, there are several tips that can help you maximize your conversions:

  •       Create specific landing pages. There are about 75 million fathers in the United States, and most people are connected to at least one significant father. If you want to specifically appeal to these audiences, it's in your best interest to create specific landing pages. Rather than merely providing links to your homepage or sending people to product pages on your site, you can send them to a specific landing page designed for Father's Day. You can promote ideal gifts for fathers, talk about the holiday, or provide other relevant messaging this way.
  •       Send multiple blasts (preferably early). Don't rely on a single email blast to spread the word about your Father's Day sales or compel your audience to make purchases with your brand. You'll see much better results if you send multiple email blasts in the weeks leading up to Father's Day. You can start early to get people thinking about the holiday and capitalize on early shoppers, then get more aggressive with the timing of your messages as the day itself approaches, shifting to cater to procrastinators.
  •       Set up a gift buying guide. You can earn more engagement and generate more conversions if you use your email marketing campaign to promote a gift buying guide. According to a National Retail Federation (NRF) spending report, the most popular gift for fathers on Father’s Day is a “special outing” gift, like tickets to a sporting event, concert tickets, or even just a nice dinner. The second-most popular gift is clothing, followed closely by gift cards, consumer electronics, and home improvement supplies. Inform your recipients about the top gifts for fathers this year and help them pick out the right gift for any father and with any budget.
  •       Offer great deals. It's a no-brainer that reducing your prices can increase your conversions; People are much more likely to make purchases when the price of a given item is lower. You'll have a good reason to incentivize spending around this holiday, so consider launching a specific Father's Day sale. Deeply discount some of the items you think are going to be bestsellers and provide bonuses to people who spend a significant amount of money in your online store.
  •       Personalize whatever you can. Personalization is one of the best strategies for increasing the relevance of your content and improving conversions. If you can, personalize the videos you're embedding in your email campaign; if that's too much work, at least personalize the email message itself.

Do you want to improve your Father’s Day conversion rates? Are you interested in embedding videos in your email marketing campaign quickly and efficiently? Sign up for Viewed.video for free to get access to our intuitive, streamlined video embedding tools!