Video email: mother's day marketing ideas

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for the mothers in your life. It’s also a great opportunity to evoke these emotions in others – and land more sales. But what are the best strategies for improving marketing results leading up to Mother’s Day?

Best Practices for Mother’s Day Marketing

Mother's Day marketing is much more effective when you follow these important strategies:

  •   Start as early as possible. Some people wait until the last minute to purchase a gift for their mother on Mother's Day. Others start the shopping process months in advance. There's only one way to cater to every group of people simultaneously: starting your marketing as early as possible. The sooner you start marketing for Mother's Day, the sooner you'll start generating sales for it. You'll also give yourself more time to conduct analytics, send follow up messages, and cultivate a powerful purchasing audience for this event.
  •   Create a dedicated landing page (or several). Next, make sure you create a dedicated landing page for Mother's Day. When people visit your site after receiving your emails or other marketing materials, you want to hit them with the reminder that this holiday is coming up and that the mothers in their life deserve something special. Creating a standalone landing page allows you to customize your content specifically for Mother's Day and track analytics so you can better understand how audiences are behaving when reviewing your products and services.
  •   Target different kinds of mothers. Understand that there are different types of mothers that people consider for Mother's Day. Obviously, people think about their own moms. But they also think about their wives and the mothers of their children, their grandmothers, as well as neighbors and friends. These different types of mothers all need different types of gifts, so consider targeting each of them independently.
  •   Offer personalized product recommendations. In 2021, some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts included flowers, greeting cards, clothing and accessories, gift cards, jewelry, special outings, housewares and garden tools, personal services, electronics, and experiences. Most people have some idea what they want to do for their mother on Mother's Day, but for everyone else, a list of personalized recommendations can make the shopping trip easier. Make sure you provide personalized recommendations when people visit your site.
  •   Create a gift guide (and distribute it). In line with this idea, consider creating a gift guide and distributing it. Explain the latest trends in Mother's Day gifts and showcase some of the coolest and newest products you have available. It's a great way to reach new audiences, educate and inform those audiences, and ultimately generate more sales.
  •   Offer better deals. This is a good strategy for improving sales throughout the year, but it's especially important on Mother's Day. Consider offering a steep discount on the products you think are going to be best sellers on and around Mother's Day. You can also offer coupons and bundles to incentivize sales.
  •   Review your shipping options. Make sure you inspect your shipping options carefully. As Mother's Day draws closer, people are going to be more and more concerned about having their products delivered on time. You can boost sales by guaranteeing delivery by Mother's Day with free shipping early on in the process, then offer expedited shipping for an extra fee as the day draws nearer.
  •   Follow up. Don't advertise Mother's Day with a single email blast. Instead, send multiple follow-ups to remind people that Mother's Day is coming soon.

Embedded Video Email: The Best Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy

There are many marketing strategies you can use to raise awareness of Mother's Day and bring more people to your site. But one of the best strategies is to use embedded video email; in other words, embedding video in the body of your email messages.

There are several benefits to using this strategy for Mother's Day.

  •       It’s immediately engaging. Video is immediately engaging, unlike a traditional written email. Because the video begins playing automatically when the email is opened, your recipients are immediately confronted with interesting content.
  •       It’s distinguishing. Most brands aren't using embedded video in their emails; instead, they're relying on the same strategies they've always used. Because of this, sending out an email with a video in it will immediately distinguish your brand and help it stand apart from the competition.
  •       It’s multimedia. Video content has gotten more popular in recent years, in part because it offers multiple experiences simultaneously. In one video, you can have video, still photos, audio feeds, and music. This gives you much more creative flexibility and allows you to show off more interesting things in a shorter amount of time.
  •       It’s personalized. Embedded video emails also tend to be personalized. Simple forms of personalization, like including a person's name in the video, can increase your engagement rate and your conversion rates. More complex forms of personalization, like changing the internal content of the video, can lead to even better results.
  •       It’s easy to set up. Thanks to tools like Viewed.video, you don't have to be a video marketing wizard or a technically experienced professional to embed videos in your emails. Instead, all you have to do is upload your content, click a few buttons, then copy and paste an embed code in the body of your email marketing message. It only takes a few minutes, but it could dramatically improve your email marketing results this Mother's Day.

Crafting an Omnichannel Approach

Embedded video in email is your best marketing strategy for Mother's Day, but it's not your only strategy. Make sure you follow an omnichannel approach, incorporating the best of other channels, like targeted advertisements, social media marketing, and more.

Are you ready to kick your Mother’s Day marketing strategy into full gear? Your best bet is using a tool to create, embed, and distribute videos. Sign up for Viewed.video for free today – and get started with your new, best marketing strategy!

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