Christmas Marketing and Consumer Insights 2023


 In this captivating publication crafted just for you, we've gathered some of the most remarkable statistics and trends in commerce and digital marketing for the holiday season. We're confident this information will prove invaluable in shaping successful email marketing campaigns and digital strategies during the crucial months of December to January.

Key Commercial Dates During the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season breaks records, spanning almost 2 months from November 11th to January 7th. According to Google , these are the key dates for holiday commerce.

  1. November 11th, which originated as an unofficial celebration in China, swiftly evolved into a pivotal shopping event for brands, becoming one of the world's largest mobile events.

  2. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, December 7th to 15th, 82% of consumers in Spain intend to delay most of their purchases, marking two crucial events in the shopping calendar.

  3. Hanukkah, observed from December 7th to 15th, holds significance during the holiday season.

  4. The Saturday before Christmas emerges as a strategic commerce date, historically experiencing a 36% surge in store visits compared to the daily average.

  5. On December 26th, the day after Christmas, many consumers seek to treat themselves to what they've been anticipating.

  6. During the three days leading up to January 6th, searches for standout products in the retail sector increase by 6%, surpassing the weekend before Christmas.

  7. On January 7th, shoppers seize winter sales to fulfill their New Year's resolutions.

Insights and Trends in Holiday Consumer Behavior

In 2022, the retail landscape witnessed a unique surge, as per Salesforce.  Sales performance during the holiday season saw an uptick due to rising prices, albeit with a decline in transaction numbers. Global order volumes continued to decrease by 1.5% during this period.

  • Salesforce anticipates a 4% increase in global online sales during November and December. However, research by Sensormatic suggests that in Spain, buyers still feel the pinch of high inflation, with 62% planning to spend less this Christmas compared to 2022, averaging a 31% reduction.

  • Facing increased prices and current economic and geopolitical uncertainties, nearly half of consumers (46%) affirm that, while not reducing the quantity of gifts, they will opt for more affordable brands, according to Sensormatic.

  • Toys and hobbies maintain their top spot as the most gifted items for children and young adults, while adults gravitate towards clothing, footwear, cosmetics, perfumes, and books, according to Deloitte.

  • In 2022, the Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) model accounted for 20% of online orders, surging to over 33% after shipping deadlines during this season, notes Salesforce.

  • Baby Boomers lead the in-store shopping trend, with 88% preferring physical stores as their primary purchasing channel, driven by the desire to see and touch items, per Sensormatic.

  • During this festive period, over 30% of online purchases take place, as highlighted by Google. For purchases exceeding €200, there is an 11% increase in abandoned carts, according to Salecycle.

  • Post-Christmas returns witness a 16% surge, 5% more than the previous year, reports Salesforce. A notable 75% of consumers opt for stores offering free shipping during this season, as per Google.

  • In 2022, online sales grew by 16% compared to the previous year, notes Google. It's estimated that 17% of this year's holiday gifts will be second-hand products, reflecting a consumer shift towards resale to save money and reduce waste, according to Salesforce.

    In 2022, there was a slight decline in the number of consumers delaying their purchases until January in pursuit of awaited discounts, according to Deloitte.

  • Approximately 24.8% of Millennials plan to do their holiday shopping through social commerce, according to Sensormatic.

  • Throughout 2022, global online sales remained steady in November and December, with the United States experiencing an exciting 5% surge, according to Salesforce.

  • An overwhelming 82% of consumers believe that brands should give back in some way, such as offering free services to their customers, according to Facebook.


Important Email Marketing Statistics for Christmas

According to Oberlo, nearly half of customers (49%) desire to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands. Coupled with consumers' pre-holiday searches for gifts and festive products, this makes Christmas email marketing campaigns indispensable from November to January.

  • Sixty percent of U.S. consumers prefer to receive the latest news and promotions from brands through email subscriptions rather than following the brand on social media - Marketing Sherpa
  • Research reveals that 20% of holiday season revenues are generated through email marketing strategies - abSocialmedia
  • Including videos in emails can increase CTR by up to 170% and conversion rates by 200% - Viewed
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  • On average, emails that incorporate personalized videos see a staggering 500% boost in their conversion rates. - Vidyard.

  • Companies conducting A/B tests for each email see a 37% increase in their email marketing ROI - Litmus.

  • Using the term "video" in the subject line of your email has the power to boost the chances of your email being opened by a remarkable 20%.- RenderForest.

    Globally, segmented email campaigns achieve a 14.31% higher open rate than those without segmentation - MailChimp.

  • Eighty percent of consumers crave brands to tell their story in a captivating and unique way - The Drum.

  • During December and January, Christmas emails see a 10% increase in open rates compared to the rest of the year - Salecycle.

Online Search Trends

During the holiday season, as per Google data, 31% of all yearly searches revolve around major retail categories. This indicates a detective-like approach, with people seeking information on products and stores before making a final decision. In fact, 61% of holiday shoppers explore five or more channels two days before making a decision.

  • Currently, consumers approach their holiday shopping with more planning. In the 2022 holiday season, 80% of shoppers conducted research and searches before making a purchase, with only 20% admitting to at least one impulsive purchase - Google.

  • Ten percent of shoppers will leverage generative artificial intelligence to find inspiring gift ideas for this holiday season - Salesforce.

  • Using tools to search for a product online based on a photograph is adopted by 17% of shoppers - Google.

  • Eighty-six percent of consumers assert that digital sources aid in making more informed purchase decisions - Google.

  • The number of searches related to "New Year's Eve" saw an 18% increase in 2022 compared to the previous year, during September and October - Google.

  • The use of digital channels for smartphone searches (72%), online video watching (51%), and map searches (32%) continues to grow steadily since 2020 -Google.

  • Searches for Christmas gift inspiration during the week leading up to December 25th have seen significant growth since 2020 - Google.

  • Queries related to "buying cheaper" have spiked by 75% - Google.

  • Sixty-six percent of consumers in Spain opted for using Shorts-type videos to discover new brands or products - Google.

  • A significant increase in general product searches is expected during the 2023 holiday season, contrasting with brand-specific searches - Google.

Christmas Video Marketing Statistics

In this season, companies and marketing professionals are in a creative frenzy, seeking ideas for corporate or brand videos that captivate their subscribers and clients.

  • A survey discovered that 50% of Gen Z and Millennial generations stated that video is an indispensable part of their daily life, without which they couldn't live - Google

  • According to Facebook, the optimal duration for a video to generate maximum engagement across all pages is 2 to 5 minutes. However, YouTube prioritizes longer videos, with an average duration of 8 minutes, as this boosts interaction with the ad.

    Audience retention soars to 95% when people watch videos, compared to just 10% in standard text communication - Insivia

  • A significant 55.11% of buyers seek reviews through videos, while 53.41% prefer video tutorials when researching a product or service before making a purchase - HubSpot.

We hope this valuable information on Christmas Marketing and Consumer Insights proves helpful in shaping your email marketing campaigns and digital strategies. May these insights guide you to success during the crucial months of December to January. Wishing you the best in your festive season endeavors!


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