Your video email campaign perfect with our services

As you know, Viewed is the only digital platform that allows you to include videos in your email marketing campaigns, assuring you that your content will always be visualized by your subscribers, regardless of the technology they are using to open your email.

In a hyper connected world, in which the goods and services offer is growing quiclkly, the person is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising impacts each day, attracting consumer's attention becomes a huge challenge.

Choosing a video as a content of your next email marketing campaign, will be the key for increasing your client´s engagement, improve the relationship with them and even increase the conversion rate a 50%.

But that´s not all!

In Viewed we are always looking forward to offer you more and better services, with the ones you can get greater benefits of each of your campaigns, that is the reason why we will expose you in this post the 5 new services we have for you.

1. Full service campaign

We are aware that not all the marketing workers are HTML, experts and that not all the companies have an specialist in the field.

Also, we assume that in the business world, time is very valuable and that every minute must be fully exploited, therefore every decision in the planning of your campaign must be extremely assertive, due to the fact that once your addressee opens his email you will have just one chance to attract and hold back his attention.

Go further!

In Viewed we put at your disposal a group of experts who will help you to create the best video email for your brand, you just have to send us your creative material and we will elaborate your HTML template and your video email, including action calls and buttons to share in social media.

Let us be the ones in charge of creating your campaign.

Nuevos servicios de Vivom

2. Learn trough the guide of our experts

Take the biggest advantage of our technology, learning trough the guide of our experts how to create a successful  video email marketing campaign.

We commit to help you and your company in the creation of your firsts campaigns, providing you the technical information and commercial advice.

You will not only be an expert in using our digital platform, but you will also count with the support of our experts in video email marketing.

Remember, with a video email your brand and company will always be one step ahead.

3. Your video now can be clickable

¿Do you know why you haven´t managed to increase your website traffic?, some of the reasons that must be impeding it are:

  • Your email marketing campaign do not have interesting content for your subscribers
  • You are using a lot of CTAs (call to action) on your emails
  • Your CTAs are not on the correct spot on your email or are not flashy enough to motivate your subscribers to act

Thinking about these problems, Viewed helps you to make your email clickable as well as helping you to place a CTA on it, with this your recipients won´t resist to click, by this you will increase your clicking rate even a 280%.

 New services for your video email campaigne

4. Technical support

As we have already mentioned in this post, time is very valuable, and we know that you do not have enough time to learn in a self-taught way, the operation of each of the platforms you currently use.

At Viewed we want your user experience to be the best possible, so we have created a video tutorials, which explain how to use our platform.

In addition to this, we have included technical and configuration support for your HTML template.

5. Video email for eCommerce

Consumers who watch a video about a product or service are 1.81 times more likely to buy than those who do not, this is because Internet users prefer to watch a video, rather than reading about the product they are going to buy.

We have developed a technology that creates a video of all the products that are in your website.

Do not wait for your consumers to visit your shop, send them an email now!

 New services for your video email campaigne

Do you know what Viwom plans already include?

We have decided to end this post, talking about the services that are included in all our plans.

  • Automatically we create more than 20 different formats such as MP4, OGG and WebM, among others, including 1 charge free high quality GIF video, we will only charge you the video visualizations.
  • Real time detection of the email client, type of software and device from which the email is opened in order to deliver the best format to each addressee.
  • Digital assistance for the creation of your campaign.
  • Thanks to our scalable auto servers, you can send a number of unlimited campaigns and videos.
  • Creation of your email video from an YouTube URL.
  • Technical support by email.
  • System of real-time metrics, with which you can measure the results of your campaigns.

Now that you know all our services, do not wait any longer and write us to request your estimate at customer@viwomail.com