Why send videos is the best email marketing strategy

It's hard to rank digital marketing strategies in terms of effectiveness, since different businesses need different things out of their marketing approaches. Still, video email marketing is definitely one of the best digital marketing strategies available – if not the best.

How can we make this bold claim? And what does it mean for you?

What We Mean by the “Best” Digital Marketing Strategy

Before we can start making our case, we need to define what we mean by the “best” digital marketing strategy. There's certainly some room for debate here, but the way we see it, the quality of the digital marketing strategy can be boiled down to three main aspects:

  •       Accessibility and overall utility. First, how accessible and useful is the strategy? We're not talking about strategies for a specific business, or even a specific industry. Instead, we're talking about strategies as they relate to all businesses across all industries. Certain niche marketing strategies may be extremely useful to a small subset of entrepreneurs and business owners, but may fall flat for the majority of people. Conversely, there are some digital marketing strategies that are potentially useful for a wide range of different businesses, but they may not see excellent results. Ideally, digital marketing strategies in the highest tier should be accessible to a large number of businesses, yet capable of generating excellent results.
  •       Generation of traffic, conversions, and value. Naturally, the best digital marketing strategy should be one that generates as much value as possible. Different businesses and different marketing contexts demand different definitions of value, but usually, we're looking for things like increased traffic, increased conversions, and more revenue generated for the company.
  •       Costs. We also need to consider the costs of each digital marketing strategy candidate in our repertoire. Certain digital marketing strategies are capable of seeing excellent results, but only if you pour tons of money into them. On the other end of the spectrum, some marketing strategies are very cheap, but they don't see adequate results. The ideal digital marketing strategy is one that's very inexpensive, but capable of generating significant results.

Video Email Marketing: An Introduction

So what do we mean by video email marketing, anyway?

Essentially, we mean using email as a messaging platform to distribute videos. There are a few different ways to do this, but we favor embedded videos in the bodies of your email messages. If done properly, the video you produce will begin playing automatically whenever a user opens your email; this formatting is usually impressive to users, and it maximizes the number of views your videos get.

So why do we say that this is the best overall digital marketing strategy?

Let's take a look at both the video side and email side of the equation.

The Video Side of Video Email Marketing

First, let's look at why video is such a powerful component of your email marketing strategy.

  •       Competitive distinction. Despite the fact that video is one of the most engaging and immersive content mediums we have, most brands still aren't utilizing it. Simply creating videos from scratch and marketing them to your target audience will instantly distinguish you from a competitive standpoint. You're going to be seen as a competent player in the industry, or even a thought leader.
  •       Creative flexibility. There are no rules for what you can do in a video format. You have total control over the video and audio. That means you have practically unlimited creative flexibility, and you can create truly unique content for your increasingly engaged audience.
  •       User engagement. Speaking of engagement, video is one of the most engaging content mediums around. People are much more likely to pay attention to (and remember) content when presented in a video form.
  •       Persuasion and CTAs. Because you can present calls to action (CTAs) in many different ways and at many different times in your video, videos have tremendous persuasion potential. Get creative if you want to keep pushing your conversion rates higher.

The Email Side of Video Email Marketing

Second, let's consider why email is such a powerful medium in your marketing campaign.

  •       Cost efficiency. One of the hallmark aspects of email marketing is its cost efficiency. If you've ever tried to advertise on television or radio, you know how expensive some marketing and advertising campaigns can be. But when you first start out with email, your cost basis is close to zero. All the conversions and traffic you generate from your email marketing strategy are close to pure profit. As you scale up, you'll see some increased costs, but these are relatively small.
  •       Accessibility and ease of use. Email marketing is also a favorite digital marketing strategy because of its accessibility and ease of use. Even if you've never had experience in programming, and even if you're completely new to the email marketing world, you can get started with a campaign in a matter of minutes as long as you use the right tools. Thanks to WYSIWYG editors and intuitive platforms, email marketing is available to everyone.
  •       Universal utility. Even beyond being available, email marketing is useful. No matter what your industry is or who your customers are, you can create a competent email marketing strategy that allows you to secure engagements, clicks, and conversions.
  •       Scalability. Finally, email marketing is highly scalable. Whether you have 10 email subscribers or 10 million email subscribers, you can follow mostly the same process and see exponentially better results as you grow.

Making Use of Video Email Marketing

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