7 Digital marketing trends for 2023

If you are always looking ahead, towards what will come next, towards the evolution of everything, you are like us and this article is for you. 

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry, the landscape changes almost every day and it can be difficult to predict what will dominate in the coming years, but one thing is for sure: "there is always something new to learn".

Since the pandemic began in 2020 we have seen many digital marketing trends take off, from AI to chatbots to augmented reality (AR). Now, the big question is, what new marketing actions can we adopt for this 2023?

1. Content customization

Personalization is one of the digital marketing trends that has been around for years, but has recently started to be applied in new areas, for example, in website content. 

When a customer visits a website they expect to find what they need easily and quickly, they don't want to waste a lot of time navigating through the pages of the website or e-commerce store.  With this in mind, "content personalization" was developed. 

Content personalization allows brands to offer different experiences on their website, based on each user's shopping and browsing data.

Amazon's recommendation box is an example of how content personalization is implemented to improve user experience and increase sales.

Let's say you are going to buy an item on Amazon and you have been browsing the site for a couple of minutes, Amazon will process this information and start showing you product suggestions that match your interests.  Product recommendations at the time of purchase are very accurate because they are tailored to you.

2. Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing has been around for a long time, but only recently has it started to gain traction. With this technique, marketers can buy and display ads that are relevant to each user's needs and interests, at the right time and place.

A strong marketing trend in 2023 is the use of video within programmatic advertising, because it is a great way to engage consumers and tell stories.

Video advertising is not only popular on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, but also on various digital channels, such as: magazines, blogs, apps, etc. With this trend you can showcase your brand on the digital channels where your customers browse.

3. Email marketing campaigns with personalized videos

An email marketing strategy focused on personalization goes beyond personalizing the first and last names of recipients in the subject line of the email, personalization is about creating experiences in each mailing.

The real experience in an email marketing campaign is created when you send unique content to each user in your database.

And what might that content be?

Everyone knows that video is king of content, so imagine the impact of an email campaign with a personalized video for each of your recipients.

Let's take an example: if you have an e-commerce website and a customer has already done several product searches on your site, you could send them a video of a product they recently viewed or better yet, a video of other products they might be interested in.

With Viewed you can send personalized video emails at scale. Add customer information with customizable images, voiceover and text, making every email you send unique and valuable to your subscribers. 

Now the question would be how to create hundreds or thousands of personalized videos for a whole database, the answer is simple: "Viewed".

VIewed is the only digital platform able to automatically create thousands of personalized videos in real time and have them play within an email. Like this or easier?

4. TikTok as a browser 

TikTok is an application that allows users to share short videos. Thanks to the fact that it is easy to use and fun, it has gained popularity since its launch in 2016, reaching more than 100 million daily active users.

But the most important thing about this social network, is that you can host an infinite number of videos related to almost any topic. Yes, just as you just read, on TikTok you can find both entertainment videos as well as informative and even educational videos. This has led TikTok users to use this platform as a search engine, becoming the Google of Social Networks.  

It is becoming more and more common for consumers to turn to TikTok to search for information about your brands or the products they want to buy, for this reason it is important that your brand starts to generate noise on this platform.

5. Marketing de influencers 

Influencer marketing remains a strong digital marketing trend for 2023. It has proven to be an increasingly effective strategy in consumers' purchasing decisions, achieving significant sales results for brands in the medium term. 

However, this year the influencer marketing trend is pointing towards the so-called Tiktokers, the content creators on TikTok. 

This trend is not surprising, since as we mentioned in the previous point, TikTok is gaining more and more strength. 

To be present in TikTok you can do it through the leaders of the different types of content, such as: dances, challenges, tutorials, news, hacks, narrations, etc. Just contact the Tiktoker that best represents your brand. 


6. AI for content creation

The time is coming for machines to rule the world! ... Well, we are not sure if this will ever happen, but what we do know is that more and more digital tools are using AI. 

In the specific case of marketing, AI turns out to be a great ally when it comes to managing the interactions that are generated between consumers and the brand, mainly in tasks such as:

  • Manage the relationship with customers.
  • Disseminating digital advertising.
  • Analyzing data.
  • Predicting behaviors.

But recently the application of AI in content creation has been explored. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way of creating content, it can generate texts and images on any topic and in any style, it is enough to provide these new softwares with the basic information of what we want to do, so that in a couple of seconds the task is done.

This new trend saves a lot of time and money to content creators, who have to work for brands to be present in a large number of platforms and digital media. 

7. Video podcast

Video, as we have already explained in this article, is the preferred format for consumers, making it more attractive to watch a podcast than simply listen to it. 

But like all video content, podcasts are starting to have a lot of competition on video platforms and sometimes require a significant advertising investment to reach the target audience. 

In this case we recommend using email marketing. Email marketing is the cheapest and most powerful tool on the market, it will allow you to reach your audience so that your video starts to go viral.

With Viewed you will be able to send each of your episodes by email with automatic playback when your subscribers open the email. 


After reading this article about digital marketing trends, we can conclude that video is and will be the dominant content in 2023.  Don't believe us? .... search for it in TikTok 😂.