Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Do you know How Apple's email privacy protection works? .... Read in this article to learn all about this restrictive measure that Apple has launched for email and how we in Viewed have solved it.

Since the first day we launched Viewed, we have been constantly evolving and developing our own email marketing technology to help you create impactful and successful video email campaigns. 

Nothing can stop us!

We are pioneers in video email, with our own technology that has been a success from the beginning, allowing many companies from different sectors such as fashion, health, tourism, education, among others, to achieve their goals, improve the ROI of their email marketing campaigns, increase open rates, deliverability, CTR and loyalty metrics.

But our success has not been a simple stroke of luck, it is due to the fact that our team of technical experts in email, every day analyze the results of the campaigns of our users and make new tests that allow Viewed to be compatible with new email technologies. 

Therefore, with the introduction of "Email Privacy Protection", we set ourselves the mission to evolve in order to adapt our technology to the new conditions.

Apple's email privacy protection

In September last year, Apple dealt a blow to all brands and marketers by implementing new email privacy policies and controls. 

This new email privacy protection measure comes as a result of the large amount of SPAM being sent every day.  Its purpose is to provide the recipient or end user with a safer and more secure email experience. 

However, this means that an average of 49% of our database will be affected, according to a report published by Litmus.

How does Apple's email privacy protection work?

The first time an Apple user opens the Mail application on one of their devices, they receive a message convincing them to activate the "Protect Mail Activity" option.

All the user has to do is activate this security option on any of his devices, and the settings will be automatically synchronized on the rest of his Apple devices.

With this action, Apple is authorized to enable the download of all images, videos and animations, including tracking pixels, contained in the email, through its proxy servers with an IP address assigned to the user's general location, preventing ESP's and emailing software from detecting the exact geolocation of the recipient and counting the email as opened.

What solution has Viewed developed?

After several months of testing and analyzing the campaigns of more than 10 thousand customers, we have found the correction factor that has allowed us to develop an algorithm that detects in real time whether the request to download and view the video in the email comes from an Apple proxy server or not, so that only one of the three requests that are normally generated as a result of the protection of the privacy of the email is counted.

In this way, the metrics of openings and views of your video email campaigns that you will obtain in our advanced statistics panel will be more exact. 

In Viewed we are constantly developing and researching so that these new measures have the least possible impact on the results of your email marketing campaigns.

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