Email marketing campaigns to sell more during the summer sales?

Businesses all over the country use summer as a way to generate more business. People tend to be more active during the summer months, and are more open to a wider range of different products and services. This is also a time when kids are off from school and adults are interested in going on vacation. If you create good sales and special events around this time, you'll have a high likelihood of generating much more traffic and far more conversions. 

However, deeply discounted prices may not be enough to get you the marketing and sales results you want. If you want to truly impress your clients during your summer sales, you'll need something to grab their attention. One of the best options at your disposal is customized videos; but what are customized videos and how can you use them in your campaign?

Why Customized Videos Work

Customized videos, sometimes called personalized videos, are videos with content that dynamically responds to the person accessing it. The simplest example of this is a video that contains the written name of a person in the introduction; if you know the name of your recipients, you can create a video that dynamically responds to the name of the person accessing it. Every recipient on your mailing list will see their name in this place in the template.

More advanced ways of customizing videos allow you to completely change the imagery or the sections of the video that are included, depending on characteristics of the recipient accessing it. For example, you might send different videos to different people on different mailing lists, or customize those videos based on their previous purchasing behavior.

There are several reasons why videos are so powerful in a marketing context, such as:

  •       Visual and audio elements. Unlike written language or still photos, videos give the option of using both visual and audio elements. You can display photos and moving imagery on the screen, while simultaneously offering a narrative background. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to present information in new ways.
  •       Comprehension and effectiveness. It's much faster and easier to process information when it's provided to you in video form, especially when compared to written language. Instead of reading the same paragraph over and over, people can be presented with an idea in a concise and intuitive way.
  •       Memory and retention. People are statistically more likely to remember information when it’s presented with images and videos. There are many possible scientific explanations for this; but the bottom line for you is that people are going to be more likely to remember your brand, your summer sales, and your unique offers if they’re included in the video.
  •       Visual potential. You can do a lot more with a video than you can with a written article. For example, you can show off how your products work in a real-life scenario. This is ideal if you're trying to communicate concepts that can't easily be put into words.
  •       Brand differentiation. Despite all the advantages of video marketing, it's still a relatively new asset in our digital marketing toolbelt. Accordingly, most companies in most industries are still sluggish to pick it up. If you include videos in your emails for your summer sales, you're going to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Customized videos make an even bigger impact, because of:

  •       Unique relevance. Videos are great, but if they're made generically, they're not going to be seen as very relevant or interesting. Customizing your video for an individual will instantly make it much more unique and, therefore, much more relevant.
  •       Immersion and attention. When a person notices content that is relevant to them, or based personally on their experiences, they become much more immersed and they pay more attention. This increases the effectiveness of your messaging and increases customer engagement.
  •       Total originality. Videos are rare, and customized videos are even rarer. If you consistently incorporate good customized videos into your summer sale email marketing campaign, you'll be seen as totally original.
  •       Flexibility for the future. There are many different ways to use customized videos as part of your marketing campaign. Once you master this art, you can use it across all your marketing strategies.

One more advantage to note here: customized videos are easier to create than ever before, thanks to tools like Viewed.video. It may seem like adding customized videos to your email would be an extremely expensive or time-consuming process. But that's no longer the case; with free and inexpensive tools at your disposal, and even an hour of time, you can produce a customized video that can encourage your customers to convert.

Using Customized Videos With Your Summer Sales

If you're going to use customized videos in line with your summer sales, here are some fast tips that can help you get better results:

  •       Pair the video with a great offer. Your summer sale will be much more effective with deeply discounted prices or unique specials that people can't get elsewhere.
  •       Use as much information as possible. Make sure your videos are interesting and informative; if there isn't enough content to justify them, people won’t engage with them.
  •       Come up with a compelling subject line. Without a good subject line, people may never get the chance to watch your video.
  •       Keep it brief. Some video marketers are tempted to stuff their video full of more visuals and more information, but it's usually better to keep it concise.
  •       Enable auto playing. If you're sending your customized videos via email, enable auto playing so the video starts as soon as a recipient scrolls down.
  •       Make sure you measure your results. Measure your results so you know which of your videos are working and which ones are falling flat.

Are you interested in getting started with customized videos for your summer sales emails? Get started with a free Viewed.video account today! Once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to one of the easiest and most effective tools on the market for generating and sending customized videos to your audience.