5 +1 Platforms to create a video for your email

-Let's start the video recording,  all hands on deck! Lights, camera, action, rolling!

- No way! , Are you kidding me? Are you telling me that in order to create a video for my email marketing strategy, I will need a Hollywood size production?

The answer to this question is “NO". To make a video that attracts the attention of your consumers, you don't need a professional production team, it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, you just need your product or service, a good idea and a simple platform to make videos.

How should my video content be?

j¡The most effective way to connect with your consumers is the video, in fact, 52% of people base their purchase decision according to the videos they see from different brands.

Let's start from the beginning, let's talk about how to develop a great idea for your video content.

Having the perfect product or service is not enough, you also need to know how to communicate your sales message, so we will take a short pause to talk you about it.

Check your marketing calendar

You can start by establishing the date for launching your campaign or analyzing the context of the moment in which you want to use your video, this will give you the first guideline for developing a content idea.

If it is for a special date, a holiday or shopping season such as: Black Friday or Christmas, you should refer to the characteristic elements of these events, by this, you will evoke emotions that will arouse the desire of making a purchase.


Walk a mile in your consumers shoes before you make your video

Whether you cover one or several market segments, the most important thing is knowing how to draw their attention.

You have surely heard of the famous “Unboxing” videos, which as the name implies, are about unpacking products.

Millennials and Centennials enjoy watching these types of videos, where it is shown from the moment a package is received until it is fully opened.

There is also the counterpart, videos about packaging, these generations also love to see how medium or small companies pack their products to be shipped.

There are an infinite number of combinations and themes to create your videos, to make the right decision you just have to walk a mile in your consumers shoes, in order to discover what they want to see.

Awakens emotions with your video

The most important thing for having a connection with your audience is to awaken emotions in them, something very easy to achieve with the use of video, as we have already mentioned, the persuasive power of this type of content is due to the fact that a minute of video equals 1.8 million words.

To achieve this, you can use the narrative or Storytelling, tell a story with a high number of visual and sound details, so that the mind of your consumers connect immediately with your product or service.

How can I create a video?

Let's talk about how to materialize the ideas we just talked about in a very easy way.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to be an expert in the creation and edition of videos, you don’t need to know about animation or graphic design either, due to the fact that on the Internet you will find a wide variety of tools and material that you can download for free.

You just need a practical tool for creating videos.


Crello is a platform that you can use in its web version or by downloading the application directly to your mobile.

It has a wide variety of templates that you can use if you still don't know how to make a video. In addition, with its free version you can make 5 downloads per month and use some elements of its images , animations and videos bank.

If you prefer, for only $ 9.99 per month, you can have unlimited access to all its functions, tools and its extensive content library, so you don't have to worry about looking for the perfect images on other websites.

Tik Tok


is a social network based on the creation of videos in a very fast and simple way, it has different effects, transitions and filters that you can use.

In it, you will find tutorials created by other users that can be very useful for you to create fun and eye-catching videos.

The most important thing is that TikTok allows you to download your own content with the watermark of this social network, so that you can use it as you prefer.

You can also use sites like SSS TikTOk to download your TikTok content without the watermark.


Magistro is an online platform that helps you create videos with just 3 simple steps, plus it has a wide variety of templates on various topics that you can use.

Their payment plans range from $ 5.00 to $ 35.00 per month.

You can create videos for Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram or any platform.


With this platform you can create animated videos in just minutes, it is characterized by being very intuitive, all you have to do is select a template and customize it.

The best of all, is that it has a tutorial section that will be very useful at the beginning.

It also allows you to directly share your videos on YouTube or download them in mp4 format, it also offers 4 different payment plans including a free version.

Wait!, we're not done yet, as we promised in the title of this article, we present you one more alternative for creating videos for your email marketing campaigns.


If you are looking to make a simple and good quality video, this website will be very useful.

With this platform you can join images, texts, music, videos and animations, since it has everything you need to create impressive professional videos.


Not only we are the only platform on the market that allows you to embed your videos directly in the email in a fully automated way, but also we have a team of digital experts, who can help you with the creation of your video, you just have to worry about contact all your customers.

You can also create personalized email videos with the information of each of your clients, something you won't find anywhere else.

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Now you can start creating videos like an expert from your computer with just a few clicks.