How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Amazon Store

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it offers one of the biggest platforms in the world. If you're interested in reaching as many people as possible, and selling as many of your products as possible, establishing a listing on Amazon is almost a prerequisite.

Of course, even if your product is amazing and you're selling it for a steal of a price, there are no guarantees that you're going to see the revenue you want. If you want to attract more attention, build a more loyal following, and ultimately support your business growth for the long-term future, it's important to leverage email marketing as part of your Amazon marketing strategy.

Why Email Marketing for Amazon?

Why is email marketing so important for Amazon sellers?

  •       External opportunities: For starters, Amazon is incentivized to keep people on Amazon as much as possible. That's why you're typically not allowed to mention your website or advertise external platforms where people can buy your products. Of course, such an arrangement would be beneficial for you, since you could avoid paying the commission and capitalize on a dedicated stream of traffic. This is where email marketing comes into play; if you can build a list of interested prospects from your Amazon store, you can market and advertise to them completely independently.
  •       Inexpensiveness: Email marketing has an impressive return on investment (ROI) – in fact, in terms of ROI alone, it’s one of the best digital marketing strategies to use. Part of this is because of how inexpensive it is to start a marketing campaign. Even if you use some of the best tools on the market, you can get started for free or with a very small investment. This scales up well; because your costs won't increase much as you add more subscribers, the value of your strategy will continue growing indefinitely.
  •       Unlimited possibilities: Many people think of email marketing as one dimensional, but the reality is, there are many different types of emails you can create and many different ways to utilize email marketing. The possibilities are practically limitless, giving you enormous flexibility as your marketing goals change.
  •       Repeat purchases: The most valuable people in your audience are people willing to make multiple purchases with your brand. Instead of spending all your effort reaching out to entirely new people, you can capitalize on the interest that already exists. Cultivating an email list and tapping into it regularly is one of the best ways to encourage repeat purchases.
  •       Experimentation and improvement: Email marketing is highly trackable, and you'll be able to measure almost every conceivable variable associated with your campaign. Because of this, email is an excellent platform for experimentation and ongoing improvement.

So what email marketing strategies can you use to boost sales through Amazon?

Cultivate a Subscriber List Independent From Amazon

For starters, consider cultivating a subscriber list that functions independently from Amazon. Many of the people who discover your brand for the first time and start making purchases with it are people who frequent Amazon, but you should also look for new subscribers elsewhere. 

Ultimately, you'll be attracting people who are interested in your brand specifically – not just Amazon – and eventually, you'll have the flexibility to guide them to new product pages on Amazon or to your own website. 

Once the list is in place, you can extract value from it and in many different ways.

Prioritize Reviews

Any seasoned Amazon seller can tell you one of the most important factors for your success is getting a consistent stream of high-quality reviews. If people love your products, and review them positively, you're going to rise in search engine results pages, attract more traffic, and land more sales. 

Use your email list to remind people to leave reviews for your products and your brand; if you're also offering high-quality products, you should be swimming in reviews in no time.

Embed Videos

One of the most impactful recent trends in email marketing is embedding videos in your emails. Written emails still work fine, and images can spice things up, but there are few mediums as fast, engaging, and interesting as video. With the right tools, you can embed any video into any email, copying and pasting a short snippet of code to do it. Once included, your email engagement rates and response rates should skyrocket.


You can also personalize the videos you embed in your marketing emails. You can add a unique greeting, include personalized details, and even customize the internal content of the video for the person receiving it.

Automate a Drip Campaign

Sending a single email isn't likely to bring much value to your organization. That's because marketing strategies tend to become more valuable with repetition and frequency. You don't have the time or patience to manually send emails on a regular basis, so consider automating a drip email campaign instead.

Provide Real Value

As much as possible, provide real value to your email subscribers. If you're going to be successful, you need to make sure your subscribers are attentive, interested in your content, and willing to remain subscribed. This isn't going to happen unless you give people a reason to appreciate you. Give your subscribers discounts, original information, advice, and entertainment value; it can reshape your entire campaign.

Conduct A/B Tests

Finally, make sure you conduct AB tests, or split tests. These tests are designed to compare similar emails against each other, allowing you to investigate various details and figure out which variables are most likely to result in success. With enough iterations, you can learn exactly what it takes to reach your audience effectively and see higher traffic and conversion rates.

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