Viewed and Experian: email marketing to capture customers

Throughout this serie of articles we have undertaken to share the best digital platforms with you, those allowing you to send your video email after completing a campaign with Viewed technology, thereby enhancing the impact of your email marketing campaigns.

This time we look at Experian, a global specialist in risk solutions, fraud prevention, customer awareness, and cross-channel and data driven marketing. Now, thanks to a bilateral agreement between Viewed and this multinational, Experia’s customers will be able to include video in their email marketing campaigns.

As Viewed has managed to expand its market into sectors such as Automotive, Telecommunications and Healthcare, among others, Experian, with more than 30 years of experience, also offers multiple services to leading companies in industries such as Retail, Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications, helping its clients to transform their data into actionable knowledge.

Within the marketing sphere, its email and cross channel marketing platforms allow brands to send personalized communications, improve the customer's experience, and boost loyalty and conversion rates.

Video in email for customers

Customer capture and loyalty building

As we mentioned in the article "All Strategies Lead to Email Marketing", the products and services to which your consumers currently have access multiply every second, while your company's economic growth probably does not keep pace, leading you to seek out marketing services that guarantee you the best return on every Euro you invest.

In a highly competitive environment such as today's, customer loyalty is key, and a process whose cost is up to 15 times less than customer capture. The goal is to forge links between brand and customer by offering a relevant and personalized customer experience through any channel. Therefore, the first step in a loyalty program is the solid segmentation of your database, which allows you to identify different customer profiles and send to each the content best tailored to them.

The use of marketing automation platforms will allow you to manage volumes of dispatches through the various communication channels in a simple way, and analyzing your consumers' responses will allow you to generate additional knowledge with which to optimize your subsequent actions.

Video email for customers 02

Data driven marketing

Data driven marketing uses knowledge extracted from customers' data, as well as their habits and preferences, to establish personalized and relevant interactions.

Marketing Suite is an integrated cross-channel marketing solution that uses the power of data to help you learn about, understand, and retain your customers. The Suite's engine is Marketing Platform. Scalable and user-friendly, it allows you to easily integrate data from different sources and channels, run omni-channel campaigns, and analyze results, thanks to its integrated reporting layer.

In addition, Target, its predictive analytics module, uses advanced algorithms to help you predict the behavior of your consumers, and maximizes its value by identifying products and services with cross- and up-sell potential, and predicting the results of each campaign, by channel. In short, it optimizes your marketing actions to optimize ROI.

Marketing Suite includes support by Experian's teams, who can help you with the graphic design for your campaigns, the creation of responsive designs for the optimal viewing of your emails on all kinds of devices, or to improve your campaigns’ deliverability. And, if you like, they can even take over the complete management of your campaigns.

Don't put it off any longer. Go to viewed.video and experian.es to improve the results of your next email marketing campaign.