Webpower: Boost your email with real-time personalized video marketing

Viewed, a Spanish technology company specializing in data driven personalized video for email marketing, with unlimited real time production capacity, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Dutch company Webpower.

Webpower, which has subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, Sweden, China and Singapore, specializes in email marketing, marketing automation and consulting services for companies that develop relationship marketing strategies with their customers, and want to improve their results.

Email marketing, far from disappearing as some digital marketing professionals predicted a few years ago, is experiencing its second revolution. It hasn’t disappeared at all, it’s the channel with the highest number of users, at 4.5 billion email accounts worldwide. This is more than twice as much as Facebook users and more than four times as much as Instagram. Users need an email address to create an account on any social network, to shop in an online store, and to register with any online service technology platform.

Advances in technology has allowed Email Marketing to evolve into a model that brings a lot of value to the customer and establishes connections with the brands they support, generating a creative and emotional experience totally customized for each user. It’s now possible to include video within emails using the right technology, create interactive emails in which you can even buy an item without going through the advertiser's landing page, and automate the sending of individual and personalized emails depending on the sales cycle your customers are in.

However, the programming and implementation of this technology must be entrusted to professionals. Believing an intern can manage a company's email marketing strategy is a big mistake. Email Marketing can be very profitable, or it can kill your business. Your campaigns need to be created to look good on any device. A campaign that isn't easy to read on a mobile device isn't read at all.

To personalize your email marketing campaigns you must have an in-depth knowledge of your list and ensure the data is up to date. It is important that you take very good care of your list and nurture it by filling in new data as your relationships evolve.

What this agreement means for customers:

Spam is over. Sending email marketing campaigns in bulk no longer works. Now you need an understanding of your email database, your contacts, your market. You need to make use of marketing intelligence and combine all the techniques at your fingertips to succeed in your Email Marketing strategy.

Viewed facilitates the creation of video emails that will work perfectly on any device, mail client, browser and operating system, and Webpower will help you with your strategy, IP configuration, deliverability and optimization of your campaigns.

The agreement reached between Viewed and Webpower gives you the ability to achieve your marketing goals as efficiently as possible. Webpower is not only an email marketing tool, it also offers consulting and tools to customize and automate your emails to generate the greatest impact. The collaboration with Viewed allows these emails to incorporate personalized videos created in real time. For example, when a user leaves a shopping cart, when they register on a platform, on their birthday or to indicate that their purchase has already left the warehouse. Personalized video in email is already generating click-through rates close to 29% in the travel, banking, automotive, fashion and entertainment sectors, reducing bounce rates by less than half, doubling visit times and tripling online conversions. (See Meliá Hotels International success story)

Webpower also offers SMS messaging technologies, where you can also share the personalized videos created by Viewed.

With Webpower and Viewed, the success of your campaigns is assured.