The Innovative Bet of the Hotel Industry: Personalized Videos in Email Marketing

In the challenging landscape shaping the future of email marketing, the hotel industry has taken a bold step forward with an innovative strategy, incorporating real-time personalized videos into their email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing has become pivotal in the tourism industry, offering a direct and personalized communication channel with consumers. This provides unique opportunities to drive repeat sales and strengthen customer relationships. Thoughtfully crafted campaigns can serve as a catalyst for fostering loyalty, enhancing customer experience, and boosting revenue.

However, sending emails is not as straightforward as it may seem. In the hotel industry, creating impactful campaigns that truly resonate and drive improved outcomes is quite a challenge. The competition is fierce, demanding constant innovation.

Meliá Hotels has taken a pioneering leap by embracing innovation in its email campaigns for recovering abandoned carts. The chain has integrated a revolutionary technology that identifies users' interests in real-time as they browse their website. This data is then transformed into personalized videos, seamlessly embedded into the email marketing template.



This way, we create an exceptionally personalized communication strategy, offering each recipient valuable information tailored to their preferences. Moreover, the video automatically plays in the email the moment the recipient opens the message, capturing their attention within the first few seconds and fueling the desire to make a purchase.

The results achieved by this hotel giant are remarkable. The incorporation of videos within the email has shown a performance 85 times higher than traditional email, indicating a significant impact on the conversion rate with a return of €3.85 for every email sent, compared to the €0.045 of conventional email.

Metricas de Video Email Marketing en Campañas de Retargeting


Behind this innovation stands Viewed, a leading online platform in embedding and playing videos within email. Viewed is the world's first company capable of creating thousands of real-time personalized videos based on data for email marketing.

The automatic and responsive playback of videos within emails is not limited to retargeting campaigns like those of Meliá. It can also be harnessed in newsletters, promotional campaigns, and to enhance customer experience.

In summary, the unwavering commitment of marketing professionals to this innovative technique has not only proven its effectiveness but also signals a revolutionary transformation in how brands connect with their audiences. This creative, user-centric approach is significantly shaping the future of email marketing in the tourism industry.


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