Personalized videos in emails for eCommerce

World-renowned fashion brands now send over 100 million video emails per month. These e-commerce giants understand that embedding a video in an email template significantly boosts sales.

A decade ago, playing videos within an email was impossible due to security policies and compatibility issues with different email systems. However, thanks to the expertise and experience in email marketing, video, technology, and innovation of Ramón Anadón and Victor Frutos, founders of Viewed, it has now become a reality.

Viewed is an innovative platform that allows for the embedding of personalized videos directly within emails, creating a significant impact in branding, performance, and retargeting campaigns.

Utilizing its proprietary polymorphic code, Viewed's technology not only enables the inclusion of autoplay videos within email, but also the creation of thousands of personalized videos.

The platform leverages customer browsing and search data from online stores to generate the ideal video for each individual consumer. This ensures that the right video is sent to the right person at the right moment.

Achieve Better Results Within Your Reach

The difference between profitable online stores and those that struggle lies in the attention they give to the customer experience. That's why e-commerce platforms are transforming the way they communicate with users at every stage of the purchasing process.

In this regard, personalized videos can enhance the user experience before, during, and after each purchase, as they possess superior communication power and establish an immediate connection between the brand and its consumers.

Moreover, thanks to Viewed's developed video playback configuration within emails, it is possible to capture the customer's attention from the moment they open the email. The video automatically plays in an ad-free environment, leading to improved results.

It has been proven that incorporating this innovative technology into cart recovery or remarketing campaigns helps e-commerce businesses increase their click-through rates by up to 400% and their conversion rates by up to 228%.

Another significant advantage is that Viewed enables users to have better traceability of results by providing real-time statistics that measure the success of each campaign.

Undoubtedly, Viewed streamlines the creation, management, and measurement of personalized video email marketing campaigns, ultimately enhancing campaign profitability.