Viwom is now Viewed: Evolution and innovation in video email marketing

In an exhilarating evolutionary leap of identity, Viwom, a pioneering and innovative company in the integration of videos within email, welcomes its new name, Viewed. This change not only heralds the dawn of a fresh identity but also showcases the company's unwavering commitment to its foundational vision: ensuring videos are genuinely viewed, enabling brands to authentically reach their target audience through captivating visual experiences right in the inbox.

The choice of the name "Viwom" aimed to capture the original essence of "Video Working in Email." However, as the platform continued to evolve and advance technologically, it became apparent that the term no longer adequately encompassed the achievements of the technology.

Viwom ahora es Viewed

The transition to the name "Viewed", emerges as a potent way to mirror the brand's objective: making videos be seen, thereby generating exceptional levels of performance, the ultimate goal of marketing professionals. This change, more than a mere name adjustment, encapsulates the brand's core mission and its capacity to achieve significant outcomes in the realm of video marketing.


Innovation that drives results

The genesis of the company was serendipitous when Ramón Anadón, CEO of the company and then director of a robotic machinery enterprise, decided to dispatch promotional videos via email. Upon realizing that achieving this required embedding images linked to platforms like YouTube, he discerned the need within the email marketing sector. He shared this notion and collaboration with Víctor Frutos, CDO and co-founder of Viewed. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has endeavored to meld the power of video with the realm of email, an arena where brands often grapple to stand out.

Videos stand as a pivotal tool in the digital marketing strategy, captivating viewers and conveying emotions. However, in an environment saturated with platforms brimming with videos and algorithms that impede organic content reach, Viewed has introduced an innovative solution that enables videos to play within the body of an email.

Incorporating videos in emails not only empowers brands to distinguish themselves amidst competition, but it's also supported by Forrester, affirming that it can increase CTR by 200% to 300%.

Automatically playing videos in email

At the core of Viewed lies intelligent technology that processes each video hosted within its environment, generating an array of formats that seamlessly align with the varied technologies utilized in sending, receiving, and reading emails. With a focus on crafting seamless experiences, Viewed hosts these formats on its platform, setting in motion a process that culminates in the delivery of a unique embedding code, easily inserted into an email template by any marketing professional.

Once the email enriched with the video is dispatched, Viewed's servers spring into action in real-time, analyzing the nuances of each recipient: email provider, operating system, browser, and device in use. This enables them to deliver the perfect format to each individual recipient.

The premise is simple yet potent: to ensure an optimal viewing experience across any technological landscape.


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