Viewed Celebrates its 10th Anniversary: A Journey of Success


In a context where over 51% of companies in Spain don't survive more than four years, and only 1 in 10 startups reach their third year successfully, Viewed, a company defying these statistics, celebrates a decade of achievements and resilience. Founded in 2013 by visionaries Ramón Anadón and Víctor Frutos, this platform has stood out in the field of email marketing by offering disruptive solutions to combat the monotony of traditional email marketing campaigns.

Challenging all expectations and surprising the most influential experts in the world of email marketing, Viewed's innovative technology is the only one on the market that allows for the integration of videos into email, solving compatibility issues that exist between different email inboxes and video formats, thereby achieving much more effective email marketing campaigns.

A Tribute to a Decade of Success

The celebration event of Viewed's tenth anniversary was a moment filled with meaning, bringing the entire team of the company together in an atmosphere of camaraderie and gratitude.

Ramón Anadón, Founder and CEO of the Rioja-based startup, delivered a speech in which he recalled the challenges the company has overcome over these ten years, as well as the achievements attained.

Moreover, the event served as a special occasion to recognize and express gratitude to those individuals who have provided invaluable support to the company. Luis Ruano, Investor and Advisor to the company, as well as David Moreno, CEO of the creative agency Elucubración, who was the genius behind the design of Viewed's logo and brand image. Leonor González, Councilwoman for the Plenary Area, Institutional Relations, and Economic Strategy, and Luis Pérez, Manager of the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja, were recognized as tireless driving forces behind Viewed, individuals who, beyond their roles, believed in Ramón Anadón's vision and made significant contributions to the company's success.

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The celebration was characterized by its emotional nature, taking the opportunity to congratulate each member of Viewed's team, acknowledging their effort and dedication. A special award was presented to the Lead Software Engineer, Eloy González, for his outstanding career and invaluable contributions to the platform's development.

One of the highlights of the evening was the instrumental music that added charm to the event, performed by Adriana Fresno, a violinist with over 11 years of experience. Adriana also plays a significant role in Viewed's administrative and financial departments. Her music beautifully enhanced the atmosphere and helped create a special ambiance for the occasion.

Adriana Fresno Violinista

This evening, without a doubt, marked a milestone in the history of Viewed, a tribute to a decade of innovation, hard work, and success.

Viewed's Growth

Viewed's success story began with the vision of Ramón Anadón, who identified an area of opportunity in email marketing campaigns that, at that time, were limited to sending videos through clickable static images. In partnership with Victor Frutos, an expert in video marketing, they brought Viewed to life, transforming the way businesses engage with their audience through email by incorporating videos directly into emails.

Over these ten years, Viewed has proven to be a resilient company, overcoming significant challenges, with one of the most notable being the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid this adversity, Viewed found essential support in Lanzadera, one of Europe's most prominent business incubators, providing an opportunity to strengthen and continue advancing.

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These challenges overcome are just one chapter in Viewed's successful story. Over the past decade, the company has also accumulated an impressive list of achievements that underscore its exceptional journey. Among these, it stands out the second place in the FER Emprende competition, the victory in the prestigious Emprendedor XXI Award, which led the team to the University of Cambridge, and the recognition as the most innovative SME in Spain by Vodafone. Viewed has received the top prize on multiple occasions, including that of the Best Spanish Startup.

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Viewed has been a prominent advocate for knowledge dissemination. The company has been featured in various magazines and newspapers in Spain and has actively participated in forums and discussions related to entrepreneurship and marketing, such as PechaKucha, Global Tourism & Travel Summit, and BIME. These achievements stand as a testament to the significant impact that Viewed has made, both on a national and international level.

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10 Years of Continuous Innovation and a Vision for the Future

From its inception, Viewed has remained at the forefront of the email marketing world, marking a decade of unwavering dedication to constant innovation. Over this decade, the company has introduced a series of groundbreaking solutions in video email marketing, fundamentally altering the way leading companies, such as Meliá Hotels, major players in the fashion industry like Desigual, and even renowned football teams, approach their email marketing strategies.

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Viewed provides its over 30,000 users with an exceptional platform. Not only does it allow hosting and playing videos directly in email, but it also has the capability to generate thousands of personalized videos in real-time, setting an entirely new standard for impactful and relevant marketing campaigns. The ability to tailor each message to the specific information of each contact or user has proven to be an exceptional tool in remarketing and transactional campaigns, such as recovering abandoned shopping carts, increasing conversion rates by up to 400%.

This pioneering, data-driven approach has propelled Viewed to become an undisputed leader in the field of video email marketing. It's not just an advanced technological platform; it's a powerful tool for brands aiming to make a significant impact on their customers.

As Viewed celebrates its tenth anniversary, it is gearing up to continue leading the transformation in the email marketing world by offering innovative solutions that allow brands to stand out in a competitive and ever-evolving market. Furthermore, it plans to expand its market to the United Kingdom, strengthening its global presence and providing closer support to its clients in that region.

Additionally, Viewed is determined to stay at the forefront of technology. To achieve this, it plans to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into its platform, enabling brands to harness even more potential for personalization and optimization of their email marketing campaigns. With these bold steps, Viewed is ready for a new decade of innovation and leadership in the industry, committed to providing the most advanced tools for brands to achieve their marketing goals and connect more effectively with their audiences.

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