Viewed Opens New Office in the United Kingdom

Viewed, a pioneering video email marketing company with over 10,000 clients worldwide, takes a significant step in its global expansion plan by opening a new office in the United Kingdom. This strategic decision aims to get closer to British brands and provide them with a more personalized service in integrating videos into their email marketing strategies.

With its innovative and unique technology, Viewed has achieved extraordinary success, completely transforming a previously underestimated tool. Its ability to increase conversions by up to 200% means that brands can achieve more sales and a significant return on investment by incorporating videos into their email campaigns. The visual presentation of products plays a crucial role in consumers' purchasing decisions, making video inclusion a highly effective strategy.

Viewed has also revolutionized the way brands engage with their customers through automatically personalized videos using first and second-hand data collected by companies. This feature has taken email marketing results to impressive levels compared to traditional methods.


Innovation in Video Email for Every Business

Fashion, beauty, and hospitality are just a few of the fields where Viewed has made a significant impact, but its technology has also proven to be equally effective in a wide range of industries, including technology, entertainment, leisure, health, automotive, education, food and beverages, and many more. This highlights Viewed's ability to adapt and benefit businesses in various sectors.

One area where Viewed has proven to be especially valuable is in abandoned cart recovery campaigns. By using personalized and automated videos in email, Viewed users have significantly improved their sales rates after customers abandon the checkout process or show signs of inactivity.


In summary, Viewed's expansion in the United Kingdom marks an exciting milestone in its history. Its innovative technology, which has demonstrated remarkable improvements in email marketing results, is being eagerly embraced by a wide variety of brands across all industries. Viewed is committed to continuing to lead the way in the world of email marketing and providing exceptional service to brands in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

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