What is email marketing deliverability and how can I optimize it?

Every message we send to a recipient is sent with the intention of reaching the person as easily and quickly as possible. In the case of email, a key factor in the success of any campaign is deliverability. If your messages do not reach the expected recipient, then your email marketing campaign will have failed. 

But don't worry, because in this post we are going to talk about what is email marketing deliverability and the best practices to improve it and to be successful in your campaigns.


What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability is the metric by which you measure that emails have successfully reached your contacts' inboxes without being filtered as spam by email providers.

Keep in mind that an email is considered "delivered" even if it has arrived in the SPAM folder, so deliverability of this type can mean even poorer results for your company. In some cases, it can damage your brand in the long term and seriously affect your company's digital reputation.

Send an email marketing campaign involves a cost, so it is necessary to ensure the deliverability of all your emails.

Let's say you have 1,000 subscribers and your deliverability rate is 80%. This means that you are losing 20% (200 subscribers) of contacts from your list, with the ROI effect that this entails. 

Therefore, taking care of deliverability is an essential factor in any email marketing campaign.  To achieve this, it is important that you understand the journey an email takes.


email marketing deliverity


Factors to optimize your email deliverability

The first thing you need to know as a company is whether all your messages are successfully reaching your subscribers in each of the email providers. This will help you to know where your brand position is.

If you see that your messages are not reaching all your customers as expected, we recommend you to perform an audit of your mailings to optimize the deliverability of your emails.

In VIEWED, we define Email Deliverability Optimization as the set of practices and strategies to ensure that the emails you send have a good positioning in the users' inbox.

Having said this, we offer you some factors that we consider essential to succeed in your email marketing campaigns and improve deliverability.

1. Clean up your contact list

This involves analyzing the volume of activity of each user you are sending emails. You must determine what part of your database is made up of active, non-active and non-existent users.
Keeping contacts that no longer interact with your emails is a practice that will eventually end up hurting your deliverability, because a low open and click-through rate directly affects your domain's reputation as a sender.

So, the best thing to do is to remove all fake, inactive or non-existent email addresses. This will contribute to generate more quality traffic, increase your open and engagement rate.

2. Using email analysis tools

Without knowledge of a topic, you cannot carry out any activity related to that topic. So, if you don't know where your email marketing campaign stands, you won't be able to do anything to improve it.
It is important to integrate email analytics tools into all your marketing strategies.

This way, your team will have at their disposal all the knowledge and recommendations needed to come up with solutions for where they are failing and further improve where they are succeeding.

Make decisions based on data, not intuition.

3. Make sure that you are identified as the sender

Many servers such as Google or Microsoft make the mistake of considering an email as spam based simply on the sender who is sending it.

When a customer receives an email from you, make sure they know it is you. Avoid using free domains from email providers, as in the great majority of cases these emails end up being rejected by the servers.

This can mean a significant loss of subscribers and business if you do not realize it in time. A good tip is to use the domain of your company's website in your email address.

4. Improve your email content

Improving the quality and format of your content is a key issue since the Apple iOS15 software update and the new email marketing privacy policies.

After performing different tests, our team has discovered that send a video with autoplay + mute by email, increases the click-through rate and conversion rate, thus improving deliverability.

In addition, emails land directly in the inbox, successfully overcoming 99% of the filters performed by different email providers.

Content personalization is also very important when persuading your subscribers to interact with your email. We have found that personalized videos improve impact and increase CTR by up to 170%.

Other factors that, together with the video, can help you avoid the Spam folder are:

  • Avoid excessive use of capital letters in text.
  • Use punctuation marks appropriately, without exaggerating their use.
  • Avoid errors in the configuration of your HTML template.
  • Do not make excessive use of pro-words.

5. Work on your subject line

Once the email has successfully arrived in the inbox of your subscribers, the next big challenge is to arouse their curiosity.

In Viewed, thanks to the success of our clients, we know that including the word "Video" in the subject line of emails helps to improve the open rate by up to 19%.

You can also optimize the subject line by personalizing it with the user's name or using emotions.

6. Opt for a dedicated IP address

The reputation of your IP address is a determining factor in whether or not your email is delivered to your subscribers' inboxes. Therefore, the better the reputation of the IP you use for your mailings, the better your deliverability will be.

To take care and keep a correct reputation, make sure you use emailing platforms that guarantee a reputation check of the IPs shared with their users, in order to avoid that these can affect your reputation.

You can also opt to use a dedicated IP to have complete control over your sender reputation.

Do you want to improve the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns, increase revenue and user traffic? The best advice we can give you is to join Viewed. Leave everything in our hands, and we can achieve all the goals we have mentioned in this post (and some more too).

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